Miley Cyrus Confirms Pregnancy Rumors with a Sonogram

By on March 5, 2015


Miley Cyrus has taken to Instagram to address those crazy pregnancy rumors, posting a photo to the social media site, telling her 16.5 million followers,

“The rumors are true…… @cheythom”

The singer posted a photo of a sonogram only the baby wasn’t a baby, but was a pepperoni pizza. In a bad photoshop job, the singer superimposed her smiling face onto that of a woman getting a sonogram, with her best friend and assistant, Cheyne Thomas, was superimposed as the doctor.

Cyrus is a huge fan of pizza, posting photos of herself sporting pizza pajamas and even having a pizza inspired bedroom set, so it’s no surprise she used pizza to mock those crazy pregnancy rumors she is forever battling.

This isn’t the first photo Cyrus has photoshopped. She has also added herself and boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, to the back seat of a photo of Madonna driving in a car with Michael Jackson and has transformed herself into Wonder Woman in another shot.

Miley Cyrus has been dating Patrick Schwarzenegger since November. As with anyone that Cyrus dates, the couple have been the subject of break up rumors, pregnancy rumors and anything else that makes for good tabloid fodder. The most recent headlines state that Cyrus plans on breaking up with Schwarzenegger because he won’t propose, because in reality if that is something she planned on doing, the first people she would let know are the tabloids. Another trashy tabloid is claiming that Miley Cyrus’ ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth is coming between her and Schwarzenegger. Miley and Liam dated for several years before getting engaged and then breaking up for good in 2013.

Miley and Patrick appeared to be very happy, taking a trip to Disneyland with Cyrus’ little sister, Noah tagging along for a fun filled day of rides.

If anything, Miley Cyrus has a great sense of humor. While the photoshopping itself doesn’t look great, the photos are fun and it’s nice to see she doesn’t take her self seriously.

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