One Direction Ordered to Take Drug Test Before Concert – Is it Because of Zayn?

By on March 12, 2015

One Direction has been asked to take a drug test before they perform a scheduled concert in the Philippines on March 21, 2015 and March 22, 2015.

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The boy band is busy on their world tour, “On The Road Again” and has been traveling all over the world performing in different countries. For the first time since the tour began, there has been a request by an organization in the Philippines for the government’s Bureau of Immigration to force the band members to be tested for drugs upon entering the country. The claim is it is for the benefit of One Direction fans.

Whether or not any of the members of the band test positive should not have an affect on the fans. It’s not like you buy a concert ticket and get drugs with the purchase. If anything, testing the band may be what causes a negative effect on fans, because if One Direction did partake in drugs, the fans will now know and may believe it is okay for them to partake, as well.

The drug test is reportedly being requested because of video showing Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking what was reportedly weed. Zayn was also rumored to have issues with drugs following a missed performance on The Today Show and leaving another concert early.

In order for the tests to actually happen, a formal request has to be made to the immigration bureau. If drugs are found in their system, the band can be denied entry into the country.

The fans are not happy with the request and have taken to twitter to express their dissatisfaction, with the hashtag, “#StopTheDRUGTESTfor1DPH” becoming a trending topic. The request does seem a bit hypocritical since One Direction participated in the country’s post-Haiyan/Yolanda telethon for typhoon relief, and had urged their fans on social media to make donations to the cause.

What do you think about the drug test request? Is it fair? Will One Direction agree to it? They haven’t been given enough notice to clean out their system – if they have taken any drugs.

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