Pretty Little Liars Recap 3/3/15 Season 5 Episode 22 – To Plea Or Not To Plea

By on March 4, 2015
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Pretty Little Liars is no stranger to providing some of the best OMG moments in TV history and tonight’s episode, To Plea Or Not To Plea, gave us some of the best all season. Not only did it provide for great jaw dropping moments, it gave further excitement to the seasons finale airing on March 24th which is said to be known as nothing other than the “Big A Reveal”. This season’s finale is said to give way into many answers that will give the audience the pieces we’ve been needing to complete the puzzle and figure out Big A’s identity. While the identity of Big A isn’t supposed to be revealed to the girls till sometime before season 7 begins, we will know by season 6.

Since season 1 these girls have had people die all around them, some have almost been killed themselves, we will never forget Hanna being run over by Mona in season 2, it’s one of the most iconic PLL moments, ever and the game only continues. At the beginning of season 5, we found our four pretty little liars reunited with their newly saved and much nicer Queen Bee, Alison DiLaurentis, after being presumed dead for 4 seasons of course. It all started with a simple plan, the girls were stronger than ever now that Alison was alive and coming home, they would bond together and take down A once and for all, but of course things never go as easy as they seem in Rosewood. Along the way, Alison returned home to a rather more than welcoming crowd of people, did they forget she was supposedly knocked over the head and buried alive in her backyard only to appear years later untouched? Hanna had an identity crisis, Mona was killed, Toby became a police officer and A made it clear that playtime was over.

To Plea Or Not To Plea found our liars scrambling to gather evidence to not only save Alison from prison for Mona’s murder but to save Aria’s little brother Mike from being dragged down, along with the all of them. Last episode we got a glimpse at Alison’s changed perspective on life and the sincere side of her, or shall we say the side that’s finally learned her lesson. The episode ended with what seemed to be a sincere apology from Alison to Hanna and Hanna accepting that apology, oh it also ended with a steamy kiss between Aria and Andrew that Ezra found out about tonight. The opening finds Alison speaking with her lawyer about not being able to take the stand and tell “the truth”. Her lawyer explains to her that at this point, she is in too deep with her lies and even if she wanted to tell the truth, no one would believe her. It’s safe to say that all the lies are coming undone and A is forcing the truth out of everyone.

Alison’s lawyer Rebecca informs her that she has two options, to take a plea deal and admit guilt to killing Mona and face 15 years, maybe 10 with good behavior or go to trial where she will lose and get life without parole. Spencer is still in London, enjoying her time away from Rosewood but fearing that A is literally everywhere, even in London with her. After last episode’s bloody mess, Spencer’s breakdown has finally reached her and she’s just about done with everything, wanting only to go back home to her friends. Melissa is back! The last time we saw her was on a recorded video message to Spencer after fleeing for London from fear.

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