The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 3/10/15 – Amster-Damn Slap

By on March 10, 2015
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'real housewives of beverly hills'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back tonight. Is there enough wine in the world or did it all get smashed in Amsterdam? Ok, seriously, Lisa Rinna has spent the entire season talking to everyone about Kim Richards possibly falling off the wagon. She finally explains, in Amsterdam, why it’s such an issue for her, but still, she’s made the entire season about Kim’s sobriety. Eileen Davidson took an immediate disliking to Kim and Brandi and decided to take Kim and Kyle to lunch one day to explain to them how sisters should treat one another. So far all I’m getting is that nobody knows how to mind their own business in Beverly Hills. Then we have Kyle crying all over the place about how much she loves her sister and how nobody understands. So you sign up for a reality show, discuss your sister’s sobriety, on camera, with everyone else, and then wonder why your sister doesn’t have the warm and fuzzies for you? Hmmm…then we have Brandi, who apparently has never met a glass of wine she doesn’t like. At least that’s the depiction we get from the show though nobody seems to remember that Brandi is not allowed to have her kids on the show so we are only seeing her at the events in which everyone is out drinking. Ok, so the wine throwing incident is hard to justify but she’s been dogged on the show, and off, by just about every Housewife. Why are the tabloids not going crazy over the fact that Kyle was the one who took her sister into a bathroom to ask if she fell of the wagon but didn’t remove her mic? Why is nobody remembering that it was Kyle who shoved Brandi and not the other way around? Didn’t Kyle shove Brandi again in Amsterdam?

Then there’s the whole Lisa R and Eileen talking about how Brandi is a drunk in the media or how she needs rehab and also talking on the show about how mean Brandi is. I can’t recall the last interview I read in which Brandi trashed either one of those ladies. Yeah, so I’m totally Team Brandi and think she gets a raw deal. Lisa R needs to be more respectful of someone asking her to back off about their personal issues. Did Kim lie about Harry Hamlin? Maybe, but was it an excuse for Lisa to jump up, try to choke her, and then smash a glass that shattered and could have hurt those at the table? Isn’t that the behavior Brandi gets trashed for except I don’t remember Brandi ever smashing a glass or trying to choke anyone. And what was with Kyle running from the restaurant like it was on fire? She keeps playing the sister card. Shouldn’t she have knocked Lisa R on her ass for trying to choke her sister? Where were Eileen Davidson’s sister lectures when Kyle ran away instead of standing up for her sister?

And poor Yolanda. She is all about peace, yoga, and benefits for worthy causes and she can’t even have a peaceful ride on a private jet, dinner, or even peace at the local pot brownie place. Which reminds me of more of the Kyle Richards hypocrisy. Kyle has routinely told us about the evils of Brandi yet was offended when Brandi called her out for pretending to be shocked that you can get a cake laced with pot in Amsterdam. Maybe Kyle should ask Bravo to give her copies of the show so she can watch all of the awful things Brandi’s kids get to hear courtesy of Kyle.

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