The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 3/31/15 – The Reunion Part 1

By on March 31, 2015
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Take the Housewives out of Beverly Hills and what do you get? Probably the same thing you get in Beverly Hills, Malibu, Amsterdam…well, you get it. Tonight is Part 1 of the explosive three-part reunion.

Yolanda Foster is struggling with Lyme Disease. Despite traveling the world for a holistic cure, she is still suffering. But she manages to make it to Andy’s couch where she talks about Brandi’s comment about her “alcoholic daughter” and attempts to bring peace to Beverly Hills.

Kim throws more shade at Lisa Rinna. Does she really believe she has more pride when choosing roles? Hmmm. This one should be good.

Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump will go a few more rounds. Don’t look for a bestie’s reunion with these two. Does not look like it will be happening.

Eileen Davidson will be there. She’s never been one to pass up a chance to throw a dig or two Brandi’s way. I’m sure Kim won’t be spared either.

Then there’s Kyle Richards. She happens to look fabulous. Like really really fabulous. Red is her color. I hope she is wearing waterproof mascara because she can’t go long without crying. She can’t go long without blaming Brandi for something either but I’m more worried about the mascara. She looks that good.

Of course Andy Cohen will be center stage making all kinds of faces as he feigns concern over the horrendous things the ladies say to each other. If you read his diaries though you know he’s loving every minute of it. But he’ll sit there and occasionally rest his chin in his hand as he pretends to be contemplating some secret of the universe. Um, Andy, they hate each other and that makes great bank for you.

It looks like we won’t be seeing the wine glass smashing incident until part three but it doesn’t mean tonight will be without the drama. Andy loves a good drinking game. I wonder if tonight’s will be for people to drink every time Brandi’s name is hurled by one of the other housewives. Yes. I said hurled. I can only hope Brandi has taken some time to get ready because it is going to get ugly.

Come back for a recap of tonight’s rumble aka The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Reunion.

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