Revenge Recap 3/15/15- Season 4, Ep. 16- Retaliation

By on March 15, 2015
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“Revenge” is taking all kinds of crazy twists and turns and often times, can be hard to keep up with. One never knows who is bad, good, evil or just there for fun. You can keep up with the latest episode of “Revenge” right here.


As we have learned, Natalie, a lady that was at a huge Hampton’s event thrown by, well it’s either Emily or Victoria, let’s be real here. Well, Natalie was a socialite who observed Victoria’s interesting and beeatchy way with her friends when she did not get what she wanted. Now, she has learned that Edward who was Daniel’s grandfather passed away. He and Victoria had a great relationship so she presumes that she will be left a fair amount of money to keep her set for life: she gets his dogs. Oh Victoria, stop thinking people actually like you and would leave you anything more than a dog. Then again, I’d be excited to get pups that flew first class but I am not crazy like Victoria.

Victoria goes on to learn that Natalie was no stranger to the Grayson family as she was actually Edward’s wife. This does not sit well with Victoria so enter Louise’s brother Lyman, still ready to run for government. He tells Vic that he will represent her if she pays twenty percent of his campaign costs. How can she trust him? He goes and digs up dirt on Natalie. And where is she while this is happening? Cozying up to David. At the same time, Jack goes to Emily to let him know that he has always wanted to be with her. Unfortunately, she chooses Ben instead which could be a very bad move. Oh and Louise and Nolan are still married.

Tonight, Natalie hosts a party to celebrate Independence Day and bask in her new wealth, and she asks David to be her date for the event. Meanwhile, a vengeful Margaux kicks her plan into high gear. Is she still trying to hurt Jack or is it Victoria or Emily or who? Who?

Keep reading to see how this party turns out.

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