Revenge Recap 3/29/15- Season 4, Ep. 18- Clarity

By on March 29, 2015
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“Revenge” is taking so many twists and turns this season that it can be hard to keep up. At this point, I feel like everyone has ulterior motives so I have begun to trust no one. You can keep up with season four of “Revenge” right here. 


Margaux has lost her baby that she was expecting with the late Daniel Grayson. This was the last piece of him and she was working tirelessly to clear Daniel’s name before the baby was born. When Emily confronted Margaux to try to work things out and make peace, somehow Margaux was thrown into the street and was hit by a car. She woke up in the hospital with Victoria there and learned that she would be okay but sadly, her baby did not survive. Jack’s name was also cleared when it was discovered that glue had been slipped into his drink to make him look like a drunk and an unfit father.

Prior to the charges being dropped against Jack, a social worker came by and was ready to take Carl away. Nolan had offered to let Carl have his own playroom at the club while Jack was working but they caught him on not having a permit, which he was immediately able to get. Louise’s brother had fallen onto the rocks after a dispute with his sister but she told Nolan that Lyman was asleep in the guest bedroom. When the police showed up, they informed the couple that they had found Lyman. She explained to Nolan that she did not want people to see her as the girl who pushes family members to their deaths. What is wrong with her? I know that she has a secret as does everyone on this show but really, what is hers?

Tonight, a sorrowful Emily tries to fix the unintentional damage she caused to Margaux and Daniel’s unborn baby. Meanwhile, Victoria eagerly chases a new lead. Hope she trips on it!

Keep reading to see if Emily and Margaux can co-exist.

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