Revenge Recap 3/8/15- Season 4, Ep. 15- Bait

By on March 8, 2015
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“Revenge” has been on hiatus since the end of January so it is pretty exciting that it is finally back. You can keep up with the last episode of “Revenge” right here.

'revenge recap 2014'

Okay, so let’s get all caught up. Daniel was killed trying to protect Emily even though she told him to leave. He was actually on his way to see his love Margaux after she welcomed him back into her life upon finding out she was expecting. At the same time that Daniel was killed by Kate, an FBI agent with a back story, Jack showed up and killed Kate. That was when David came in to clean up the mess since Kate happened to be the daughter of Malcolm Black, a man who manipulated David for years.

Margaux wanted to expose the truth about Daniel’s death but Victoria had fabricated a story that did not paint him in the best light. That was not working for Margaux as she wanted the truth to be exposed so her baby daddy would not look like a psycho. Too bad her baby grandma is certifiable. Victoria and Emily were kidnapped and had to rely on one another to escape Malcolm. He was finally killed off but I doubt it is over. Louise wanted to be a part of the Grayson family but found an ally in Nolan.

She learned that her mother had been drugging her for years so that she could steal Louise’s inheritance. Nolan and Louise got married because that was the only way that they could get control of ¬†the money from her mother. It was painted as though Louise had killed her father but that was just a mind game. And Emily is now hooking up with Ben, Jack’s partner on the force but I think he wants to be with her instead.

Tonight, Margaux uses her ammo on Emily and Jack, which causes a shift in their friendship. Elsewhere, Natalie reveals the truth about her presence in the Hamptons to Victoria. Natalie is definitely a contender for Victoria.

Keep reading to see what Natalie has up her sleeve.

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