The Royals Recap: Infants of the Spring 3/22/15

By on March 22, 2015


On the last episode, the royal family reels from the loss of the eldest son, Robert. King Simon wants to disband their monarchy, but the rest of the family is less than thrilled with the idea, Princess Eleanor meets her match in a shady rival, Jasper, and Prince Liam wants to fight for a romance with a common girl, Ophelia.

Eleanor gets up from bed. She tries to avoid Jasper to get to her phone to delete the evidence. He suddenly insists that she drugged herself rather than him doing it. She swears she’s going to run his life. Helena arrives to talk to her. She lays into her about all the headlines that came from her social media feed from partying. She’s signed a social media editor on to prevent further muck-ups.

Elsewhere, Ophelia and Liam have breakfast together. They muse about Helena knowing about them. Liam doesn’t care, she does. A reporter notes Helena has told her people to look towards the future. Ophelia’s father comes by to check in with Helena about security. He notes there have been various death threats on all their lives. She laughs them off. Elsewhere in the castle, a blonde woman is being manhandled by security. Marcus arrives to send away the security detail. It turns out the blonde, Gemma, is Liam’s ex-girlfriend.

Gemma starts mocking Ophelia immediately. Ophelia hurries off. Meanwhile, Simon voices his annoyance at everyone going on with their social obligations when he’s still in mourning. Back with Liam, Gemma tries to win Liam back, but he’s having none of it. In town, Liam’s friend and Ophelia bond as he tries to run damage control for Liam. Later at the castle, the family throws a party. Cyrus’ daughters arrive, and Liam and Eleanor aren’t happy. Helena reveals that she invited Gemma to the party. Eleanor goes out of her way to make herself and the family look bad. Liam does the same just to piss off Helena.

Later on in the party, Liam finishes taking selfies with some of the crowd, and Marcus is absolutely terrified his job is in danger. Sure enough, Ophelia’s dad drags him off to scold him about it, but Cyrus comes to Liam’s rescue and sends him away- only to start complaining about his choices as well. He goes on that their throne is on the line if he doesn’t pull it together. Eleanor and Jasper trade insults until she sees her cousins talking to some minor celebrity athelete. She goes to flirt to piss him off. Across the yard, Gemma corners Ophelia to intimidate her again. Ophelia stands her ground and tells her off. Gemma apologizes in advance for stealing Liam. Cyrus finds an old friend, James Holloway. He tries to butter him up by offering him drinks. James insists he’s sober, but Cyrus wants to play dirty and starts tossing drinks back. With Helena, she tries to fight off rumors of the monarchy being disbanded. She points out she’s planning on arranging Liam and Gemma’s wedding. Ophelia returns to Gemma- game on, via a drinking contest.

Cyrus’ daughters move in on the swimmer. Eleanor chases them off to flirt. Jasper tries to run interference, but Eleanor shuts him down. Simon sees the help, Prudence, that Cyrus talked into sex acts before. He checks in on how she’s feeling. She says that most of the royal family are decent enough, but others aren’t. Simon catches that it’s Cyrus being implied and makes small talk with her to put her at ease. Back with Ophelia, she thinks she’s won the round, but Gemma gets one up on her. Liam spots her and is stunned that she’s so drunk. Ophelia passes out in the garden in front of him.

Liam  comes to Ophelia’s rescue and takes her back into the castle. She grills him about dating Gemma. He admits she’s his first love and gets puked on for his trouble. Back with Simon, he helps Prudence prepare food. He asks what she does outside the castle walls. She notes reading Great Gatsby and he quotes it with a line bearing a striking resemblance to how he’s feeling, being the odd person out with watching his life fall apart around him. Upstairs, Ophelia comes back and apologizes to Liam, and they have a heart-to-heart. Liam points out Helena invited her. She admits she just wanted a fun story to tell and look back on, and then she got attached to him. In the hallway, Eleanor propositions the swimmer in front of Jasper. She goes inside to wait for him, and Jasper fakes wanting a photo with him, only to knock him out cold- or kill him- Jasper isn’t quite sure. Cyrus checks back with James and adds more fuel to the drug fire by doing a line of coke in front of him. He offers him a straw. Liam prepares to leave Ophelia now that she’s okay. Ophelia voices her concern about not being Liam’s type financially and on the social foodchain. She’s not sure they’ll work. Liam is positive they will. She says he’ll make an amazing king. Liam points out no one’s said that to him.

After the party, Helena meets with Ophelia’s father about not trying to break Ophelia and Liam up. He’s still relatively okay with the relationship, so he’s relatively dismissive. Helena goes into her room and fixes a drink, only to see one of the guests from before- an old friend. She says she wants to thank him for his service and sacrifice. She kisses him, then sends him away. He says he loves her- she says she loves him too. A few rooms down, James gets dressed and talks to Cyrus, who’s naked in bed. He insists discretion is in their best interest. Eleanor tries to rant about the nightmare that was her life that day, but the social media coordinator edits it for the better. Jasper arrives and tells her if she does another one of those stunts like today, he’s going to send out the video of them. He leaves. Eleanor finds Ophelia and, seeing she’s in bad shape, makes a hangover cure for her, but it comes at a price- she needs her help with something. Downstairs, Prudence pulls a gun from her bad. Liam finds Simon and points out he didn’t see him much at the party. Simon changes the subject. Liam asks him to give them and Parliament more time about the decision to disband their rule or not. He’s changed his mind- he still wants them to be royalty. Simon reluctantly agrees to his terms.


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