Secrets and Lies Recap and Review 3/22/15 – Season 1, Ep. 5 – The Jacket

By on March 23, 2015
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‘Secrets and Lies’ reaches its midseason with a turning point. In tonight’s episode, ‘The Jacket’, it is clear somebody has details about Tom’s murder and is using the pieces of information he/she has to get to Ben little by little, driving him insane.

'secrets and lies'

As the episode begins, Ben and Christy are not on good terms yet. His wife has been avoiding his presence and his emotional approach. Even though Natalie is not being the most cooperative in the family, Abby, the younger daughter, stands by her father at all times. Even when she’s uninvited to her best friend’s birthday party, because the neighbors are angry with Ben for what happened to the Richardsons in the previous episode.

Things start to get even more suspicious for Ben when he spots his autistic neighbor, Matty, going to the forest looking disturbed. Matty is holding a blue jacket, that he lets fall on the ground, revealing blood spots. When Ben tries to get the jacket, he decides to help Matty who fell into a body of water. Matty’s mother, Lisa, gets worried when she sees the boy coming from the forest along with Ben and says she doesn’t know anything about any blue jacket when the man asks about it. When Ben returns to the forest to look for it, the jacket is gone. It makes it more difficult for Cornell to believe him when he tries to tell her what happened, since he shows up, again, with no proof.

Trying to find anything that helps his case, he goes back to the forest where he sees Tyler, Matty’s older brother, smoking something that looks like marijuana. He notices scratches on the boy’s hand. As he talks to Dave about what he saw, he finds out Tyler’s been to rehab and has a criminal record. Lisa’s family then becomes Ben’s new suspects.

To enhance his suspicion over Tyler, Christy’s car is scratched with the word ‘Guilty’ and a joint left in the spot leads him to believe his neighbor is responsible for that. Cornell, on the other hand, thinks he’s trying again to point out another wrong suspect in the case in which he’s the person of interest. However, she changes her mind when, on the following day, she gets a message from Ben’s phone telling her to go to his house and finds the man in a garage full of standing flashlights. She actually believes that someone who knows details about the crime is trying to get to him, by scaring him and vandalizing his family house.

Even with everything going rough with his family, Christy is more dedicated to her work and spends more time out than with her husband, which leads Ben to believe she’s having an affair. However, all he can think is what may be going on inside Lisa’s house. His neighbor is more protective of Matty and denies that Tyler is back home, even though he’s seen him.

Dave advises Ben to talk to Matty. He may be autistic, but he can communicate using his computer and maybe he can provide some answers. However, as he approaches Lisa, she is very hostile and asks him to leave. The woman is bruised and he believes Tyler has something to do with it. He enters in the house to find broken furniture, as if a fight occurred there. Also, Matty is extremely violent and disturbed. The boy only gets calm when Tyler holds and talks to him. Ben is complete convinced that, if not Tyler, Matty may have something to do with Tom’s murder. For his surprise, Tyler confirms to Ben his mother has been hiding him from the police and decides to turn himself in.

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