Secrets and Lies Recap and Review 3/29/15 – Season 1, Ep. 6 – The Confession

By on March 30, 2015
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ABC’s ‘Secrets and Lies’ heats up with a new episode called ‘The Confession’. As it’s established there’s a stalker threatening Ben’s life, he’s stubborn in accepting protection for himself, but accepts the protection that Detective Cornell provides for his wife and daughters. However, staying with his friend Dave may not be the right option for him. Let’s check tonight’s recap.

'secrets and lies'

Tonight’s episode starts where the last one finished: Ben, locked in his car, in a dark parking garage. As police rescue him, Detective Cornell offers to have someone watch over him, since people believe he’s a child murderer and can go after him trying get make justice. He refuses being helped by the woman who has him as the main suspect in Tom’s murder.

Christy, his wife, thinks their neighbor Kevin, who sometimes acts like the neighborhood protector, is the one stalking him and since he works at the state’s office, he can be sending anonymous text messages. And Kevin has let it be known he is sure Ben is guilty.

The following day, Ben goes to Kevin’s house and asks Elaine, his wife, what’s Kevin problem with him. As Kevin comes outside, they engage in a heated argument that is interrupted by Cornell. He doesn’t want police protection, but Christy is worried for their daughter. It’s decided that the police will be allowed in the house in order to protect Ben’s family.

Later that night, Dave stops by the house and while he’s there Ben’s gets a message that contains a recording of Ben and Dave talking about the flashlight in the garage.They decide not to tell Cornell anything about the message for it can incriminate both of them, they decide to search the house and end up finding bugs. Someone wired the house. So Cornell is called but grows even more suspicious about Ben. She wants to know how he came up with the idea of searching the house for bugs. He decides to leave his house until the police decide what to do about the bugs since he doesn’t want to be there, attracting his stalker to the family house and risking the lives of the ones he loves.

At Dave’s house, as the friends are talking about what could’ve been the trigger of Ben and Christy’s marital problems, Jess shows up at Dave’s door. She feels responsible for what is happening in Ben’s life. As he says he has no time to deal with her drama, Jess storms out. He goes after her, but she drives away. On his way back home, Kevin appears to be holding a gun and tells Ben to get in his car.

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