Secrets and Lies Recap and Review 3/8/15 – Season 1, Ep. 3 – The Affair

By on March 9, 2015

After a not very promising beginning, Secrets and Lies continues with Ben trying to move on with his life after he became the main suspect in his five-year-old neighbor’s murder. Now that everyone knows that Tom was a product of Ben’s affair with Jess, his neighbor, he tries to keep his life on track.


Let’s go ‘The Affair’. Ben is feeling threatened and even though his best friend Dave warns him not to, he decides to buy a gun. However, he changes his mind. What Ben has in mind is the fact that the hostility he’s been facing may become something that can hurt his family. At home, Ben and Christy are not on good terms although the wife tries to act as everything is fine, even though Natalie, the teenage daughter, is giving his father the silent treatment. Christy herself seems to be hiding things from Ben like expensive gifts and a pregnancy test (Later revealed to be his daughter’s).

Ben feels more willing to talk to Jess, but, Scottie, the one they both thought killed Tom, had an incontestable alibi and is off the suspect list. Later, a flashlight mysteriously appears in Ben’s car, after he was told that Tom’s cause of death was a trauma probably caused by the object that he noticed he was missing. This clue can lead to two different conclusions: Either Ben used his flashlight to kill the boy and forgot about that or the real killer is there, playing games with Ben by trying to incriminate him. For detective Cornel there’s only Ben in this list and she let him know she doesn’t trust him. Especially when he comes back from his jogging to find Christy and Cornel trying to find Ben’s flashlight. When Cornel leaves, Ben accuses his wife of going behind his back.

The flashbacks reveal the family was really happy in the past, but in the present they have to face public stares and things get a little more confusing for Ben when he goes to a party to get Natalie and fights with her boyfriend, threatening to kill him. A video of this scene gets to Cornel who wants an explanation. However, when Ben goes to Dave for a back up in this case, he thinks his daughter may have spent the night with him and gets aggressive. As Cornel leads Dave out of the house, Ben somehow knows he can only trust himself from that moment on.

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