Sister Wives Recap 3/1/15- Season 5 Finale- Divorce/Tell All

By on March 1, 2015
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“Sister Wives” is closing out season five in a similar fashion as they always do, with a tell-all session but before that, prepare to be shocked. You can keep up with “Sister Wives” here.


This season has not been easy for the family as children are graduating and moving out while Christine’s mother moved in. The family took a road trip that went terribly wrong when Kody wanted to call up a friend whom Christine absolutely hated. She felt like she was being so disrespected and now the wives are feeling detached. When they lived in one house, life was easier but living in four separate homes makes them feel less like a family. Understandable, especially when two of the children chose college in Utah.

Most recently, the Browns made headlines when Meri, the first and only legal wife decided to file for divorce from Kody. He then went and married fourth wife Robyn. The family claims that it was for legal purposes as Robyn’s ex-husband was abusive. She and Kody are trying to legally protect her three children plus the son they have together so this seemed like the best way. Meri did not tell anyone that she was headed to the divorce lawyer but will reveal that tonight.

She also shocked the wives earlier in the season when she announced that she would be returning to UNLV to get her bachelor’s degree. Without Kody and a child off in college, would she be eligible for better aid? We do not know. Tonight, the family will learn that Meri has filed for divorce from Kody and it will send shock waves through the homes. On top of that, Tamron Hall will host a tell-all with the Browns to ask all the questions we want answers to.

Keep reading to see the reactions when Meri makes her grand announcement.

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