Taylor Swift Being Used by Calvin Harris for Fame?

By on March 28, 2015

With rumors of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift dating, the rumors are heating up as to the reason Calvin Harris is actually dating the Grammy Award winning artist.

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Poor Taylor Swift can’t seem to catch a break. Breakup songs, rumors of her sexuality and now word that a man couldn’t possibly like her just because of her wondering, warm, caring personality.

It seems that Calvin Harris wasn’t smitten with Taylor Swift initially. He prefers brunettes to blondes. TMZ is reporting that Calvin and Taylor are now full-on dating, but just months ago he said he would left swipe her on Tinder because she’s “the opposite of my type.”

Fast forward a few months and Calvin Harris is sending his private jet to go pick up Taylor Swift and her friends so that they can attend his concert in Las Vegas. So what happened? Harris got to know Swift and while she wasn’t his type initially, he really likes her. And she is also really good for business. He can charge higher rates if Taylor Swift will appear at one of his concerts.

Harris met Taylor through the Haim sisters, who happen to be Taylor’s best friends. Calvin and Haim recorded a song together.

Harris previously dated Rita Ora, who is definitely not in the same class as Taylor Swift. Swift is a jump in the right direction for sure!

With the couples music background, they have a lot in common. Harris was the highest paid DJ in 2014, earning $66 million. Harris is a former grocery store stocker who found great success in the pop world, working with superstars such as Rihanna and Kesha. Harris also has a multi-year deal at America’s biggest nightclub in Las Vegas.

What do you think about Calvin Harris using Taylor Swift for good business? He seems to be doing fine without her. Maybe it is possible that Harris really likes Swift just because he likes her.

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