Top 5 Celebs With Wild Hair Colors!

By on March 19, 2015
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Hair is a huge statement – especially when you are a celebrity in Hollywood. What better way to make a statement then change your hair color. ┬áThe hot new color seems to change with the season, but there are a few celebrities who shake off convention and do their own thing. We have researched far and wide and found the top five celebrities with wild hair colors. Those who break the mold and are just living for the day. And we are pretty certain that number five will surprise you! Hair we go:

#1: Katy Perry



The singer played Smurfette in both of the Smurfs films so clearly, she is very colorful. She came onto the scene with dark locks, almost old Hollywood. Then she experimented with colorful wigs during her “Teenage Dream” days and ultimately, she took the leap and went through every color of the rainbow. It does seem that she keeps going back to purple, which is what she wore to the 2015 Grammy Awards. Any color, Perry can rock it. She owns her hair and we love that about her.

#2: Demi Lovato



She’s been blonde, she’s been brunette, she’s been short and she has been long but one thing about Demi Lovato is that she always seems to have a little color in her hair. No wonder her recent tour was called “Neon Lights.” As of late, she has kept her hair dark with a hint of blue and has released an extension line for those who want to play around with color, sans commitment.

#3: Nicole Richie

IMG_1356We love her no matter what color her hair is. She had the purple going for a while circa Kelly Osbourne and then started changing it around. Now, she sports a hot pink pixie and we just love it. After all, she is married to a rock star!

#4: Christina Aguilera



It all started with her “Come On Over (All I Want Is You)” video where Xtina added fire red extensions to her platinum hair. From there, she added colorful braids, black low lights, hot pink ends; with her, you never know. Now, she has gone back to brunette for an appearance on “Nashville” and the jury is still out. To me, this is her best look because it is fun, strong
and feminine.

Keep reading to see who number 5 is – a bit surprising!!

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