Trevor Noah Replacing Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”

By on March 30, 2015

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When Jon Stewart tearfully announced that he was leaving “The Daily Show” after over fifteen years, everyone wondered how the show could go on without him. Names were thrown around and after just three appearances as a commentator on TDS, Trevor Noah was promoted to host and Jon Stewart could not be more thrilled. He even had words of wisdom for Noah who is traveling overseas at the moment.“I’m thrilled for the show and for Trevor. He’s a tremendous comic and talent that we’ve loved working with,” according to a statement from PEOPLE. Stewart went on to say that he “may rejoin as a correspondent just to be a part of it!!!”



As for Noah, 31, he spoke out as well, expressing how excited he was to helm a show that has won twenty Emmy Awards. “It’s an honor to follow Jon Stewart. He and the team at The Daily Show have created an incredible show whose impact is felt all over the world. In my brief time with the show they’ve made me feel so welcome. I’m excited to get started and work with such a fantastic group of people.” As for Trevor Noah’s back story: he is a South-African born comedian as well as an actor and DJ. Now he can add TV host to his resume.

So, what was his reaction when he learned that he was taking over “The Daily Show” as host? “You don’t believe it or the first few hours. You need a stiff drink, and then unfortunately you’re in a place where you can’t really get alcohol.” Comedy Central has been questioned as to why they chose the fresh face. President of CC Michele Ganeless explains what went into the difficult decision-making process: “We talked to women. We talked to men. We found in Trevor the best person for the job.” 

No word as to when Jon Stewart will officially leave or if the two will alternate to get audiences used to the new face. This seems exciting but we want to know how you feel? Are you excited for a new version of the show or will you always be faithful to Jon Stewart?

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