The Voice – India Carney Sings ‘New York State of Mind’ – Turns All Four Chairs

By on March 2, 2015
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As the Blind Auditions continue on The Voice, India Carney gave an amazing performance singing, New York State of Mind by Billy Joel.

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The singer not only received a standing ovation, but had all of the judges turn their chairs around hoping to get her on their team. Christina Aguilera said, “I need it. I need you on my team. India, oh my goshhhhhh!” She said that Carney was the answer to her prayers and told her that India was a vocal beast. She also warned Blake Shelton to back off.

Shelton told Carney, ”I believe in you 300 percent… Jst to sit in these rehearsal rooms and listen to you sing.” Adam Levine took the moment to tell Carney, “If you want a fan, Blake’s your guy. If you want a coach, I’m your man.”

Finally, Pharrell told Carney, “Try this on for size. Four things: Congratulations for making it on the show. Number two, I would love, love to have a voice like that on my team. Should you not pick me as your coach leads me to number three, the possibility that you might get stolen. Which leads me to number four, if you don’t get stolen that means you’re not going anywhere, so congratulations.”

Carney ultimately chose Christina Aguilera to be her coach.

Some background information on India Carney:

Carney has been studying music for most of her life. In junior high, she attended a performing arts school where she was classically trained in opera. From there, she was recruited to UCLA’s classical music program, where India and some fellow classmates formed a band, which led them to a gig opening for The Roots. Now with graduation looming, India is hoping The Voice can help her make the transition from music student to professional singer.

We have the video on the next page…..check it out and let us know what you think.

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