Watch Kerry Washington’s Acceptance Speech at Glaad Awards

By on March 23, 2015
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Kerry Washington accepted the Vanguard Award at the Glaad Awards, bringing the audience to their feet. Washington was introduced by Ellen DeGeneres, who joked she got to know Kerry better when she won the starring role next to her beautiful wife, Portia DeRossi on Scandal. She explained that while Washington is beautiful, slender and has beautiful teeth, she doesn’t fit the Hollywood norm as she is not afraid to fight for the underdog and she challenges our hearts and our minds.

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Washington knew what she said was going to hit the internet and cause a stir. She opened her speech by saying,

‘I might be preaching to the choir, but I am going to say it because on Monday, people are going to click a link to hear what that woman from Scandal said at that award show. So I think some stuff needs to be said.’

We have some of Washington’s key talking points below:

Talking about people who are kept from their full rights to citizenship:

“Women, poor people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, intersex people: we have been pitted against each other and made to feel like there are limited seats at the table for those of us who fall into the category of ‘other,’ she continued, “As a result we compete with one another, sometimes within our own communities we designate who best represents us and who shouldn’t have even been invited to the party.”

She went on to say there is a need for more LGBT people in front of and behind the camera.

The speech was amazing and called for everyone to band together to make their full rights come to be. We have to continue to be bold and break new ground until that is how it is. So that in the real world, being other is the norm.

We have the video on the next page.

What do you think about Kerry Washington’s speech? How amazing was it?

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