Watch Russell Crowe Kiss Elizabeth Hurley – After Revealing Long Time Crush

By on March 22, 2015
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Russell Crowe has a HUGE crush on Elizabeth Hurley. In a recent appearance on The Jonathon Ross show where both Crowe and Hurley made an appearance, we witnessed first hand Crowe flirting with Hurley relentlessly.

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Russell spoke about the first time he met Elizabeth Hurley, saying he first met a 21 year old Hurley when he was a dog walker and he knocked on a door and she answered it, wearing nothing but a men’s business shirt. He thought, “thank you, Jesus.”

Elizabeth didn’t remember the shirt, but did remember the hunky Australian.

Elizabeth said she was much more of a farm girl than a city girl, especially since she had her son. Crowe is also familiar with farming, as he helped his parents with what used to be an 800 acre farm. Can this be a match made in heaven?

Ross asked Hurley if she was single and she is very single but way to busy to look for anyone. She has been working more now than she ever has. Ross was quick to point out that Crowe was also single to which Crowe said, he was separated from his wife (since 2012), but going through ‘an extremely slutty period in his life.’

Crow ogled Hurley throughout her interview with Ross. He made sure to let her know he felt about her when the subject of her very famous Versace dress from 20 long years ago came up. Elizabeth said,

“I was in America last week and people were telling me that the dress is having its 20th birthday.” She followed up with, “What are you talking about?’ It’s bizarre. I don’t get it.”

Crowe responded by saying, “Oh, I get it, if anybody needs it explained, I’ll be available after the show.”

Soon after the discussion, Ross played a game entitled, “Would I Lie to You?,”where another guest had to guess if Hurley and Crowe were telling the truth. ¬†Crowe brought up the fact that he kissed Hurley in 1993, which turned out to be not true. He had never been kissed by Hurley.

And needless to say that has since been remedied. Check out the kiss below, as well as the video of the two of them on The Jonathon Ross Show.

Do you think Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Hurley would make a good couple? Or should he stay with his wife?

Check out the exchange and kiss at the 33 minute mark of the video on the next page.

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