Younger Recap 3/31/15- Pilot; Liza Sows Her Oates

By on March 31, 2015
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“Younger” is being billed as the hot new show of the season and I am excited to see what they have in store. It is being billed as the new “Sex and the City” with Darren Star as the producer and Patricia Field doing costumes. It will star Hilary Duff, whom has just dyed her hair crazy green.


So here is the premise: it is hard getting older and one thing that makes it even more difficult is the fact that some places won’t hire you. Liza, played by Sutton Foster is forty years old and newly divorced as well as a mother. It is time for her to get a job but she does not feel that she can do it at this point in her life. Friend Maggie, played by Debi Mazar, helps revamp Liza’s style when she is complimented by a younger man. This gives Liza the confidence to go out in the world and see what she can do. The only thing is: she dresses so that she is in her twenties so she has to go along with an age fib as well. Eventually, she becomes an assistant to a publisher and is teamed up with a real twenty-something Kelsey, played by Duff.

“Younger” has been ordered by TVLand for twelve episodes and has received nothing but high praise. After tonight’s back-to-back episodes, the show will go down to a half-hour. Speaking of tonight, on the premiere and episode to follow, it is billed as a series following a 40-year-old single mom who changes her look in order to get a job. In the second episode, Liza must market a veteran writer to a young audience. At the same time, she tries to make an effort to find a more age-appropriate romance even though her date with Josh is just about perfect.

Keep reading to see if she can pull it off.

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