Bruce Jenner – ‘The Interview’ Confirmed – Sex Change to Be Discussed

By on April 6, 2015

Following speculation about whether there will be a Bruce Jenner interview, ABC has finally confirmed that there will be an interview and the air date of said interview: April 24th at 9p.m. “Bruce Jenner- The Interview” will be hosted by Diane Sawyer and is presumably going to contain information about his sex-change. Originally, this interview with ABC and Sawyer was to serve as somewhat of a pilot for Bruce’s docu-series, following his transition.

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Now, it is a separate entity as the company that Jenner was working with does not seem to fit his vision. It was supposed to be done by Bunim-Murray, who infamously started the hit reality series “The Real World” twenty-three years ago.

In the interview, fans will be looking for answers with regard to how his famous family has felt about his transition from man to woman. That would include the Kardashian family and model daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. He also has three sons and a daughter from two previous marriages. We can also expect to learn what ex-wife Kris Jenner’s reaction was to learning about her husband. Did she know all along? What was really going on behind closed doors?

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Being that this is his first interview on the subject, Bruce Jenner may be more passive than we would like, but it will be interesting just to learn about all he is going through. Also to be addressed: his recent car accident which some said halted his transition all together. No word on whether family members will participate or if it will just be Bruce centered. On top of that, no clue whether he will reveal his new female name or dress in his new wardrobe. We have already seen the famous Olympian sport red manicures, a shaved down Adam’s Apple and possible breast implants.

So, will you be watching? If you are, what questions would you have for him? Mine would be: “why did you wait so long to be your true self?” It could be because his youngest is almost eighteen so at that point, it is fair game. I will definitely be watching this for sure! Mark your calendars!

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