American Idol 2015 Recap 4/8/15- Top 8 Perform- Who Was Eliminated?

By on April 8, 2015
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“American Idol” is down to some of their best singers. I am not too sure if anyone was that sad that Daniel Seavey was sent home last week. Let’s be honest; they had been saying that though he was cute, he was young and still needed a lot of vocal work. You can keep up with season fourteen of “American Idol” here. 

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So, who do we have left for this season? Here is the list as of now:

  1. Clark Beckham
  2. Jax
  3. Joey Cook
  4. Nick Fradiani
  5. Qaasim Middleton
  6. Quentin Alexander
  7. Rayvon Owen
  8. Tyanna Jones

Jax is by far my absolute favorite female while I love Quentin Alexander for the guys. They just have this amazing stage presence that could send them over and beyond this show. Eight singers will perform tonight but only seven will move on. How will that work? Let’s bring back the “American Iold” Fan Save which is the idol version of “The Voice” Twitter Insta-save. The bottom two will be presented to America and we will have just a handful of moments to tweet who we want to save. I’m still surprised that Joey Cook has stuck around for as long as she has but she has some die hard faithfuls.

Tonight, The theme is “Billboard Hits” which makes me excited. We had movie night and eighties night, a night that was beyond fun. Those who are slated to perform this evening are Florida Georgia Line (“Cruise”) and Jason Derulo, which is funny because he is Idol alumni Jordin Sparks ex-boyfriend. Along with them, there is said to be a show-stopping performance by Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson for the song “Trouble.” We all know where Hudson got her start, don’t we now? I hope they flashback to her Idol past because that would be super awesome.

You can vote five different methods, twenty times per method which equals 100 votes per your favorite! That’s a lot of voting.

Keep reading to see who gets sent home.

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