American Idol 2015 Top 5 Song Spoilers 4/29/15

By on April 29, 2015
'american idol top 5 song spoilers 4/29/15'

American Idol’s is down to the top five contestants. The top five contestants are Clark Beckham, Jax,Nick Fradiani, Rayvon Owen and Tyanna Jones, who will be singing two songs each to determine who will make it to the final four.

'american idol top 5 song spoilers 4/29/15'

The theme for tonight’s American Idol is based on the Judges’ Hometowns and Songs That Inspire the Idols’ Soul. The Twitter Save is gone and this could mean the end of the road for Rayvon Owen as he has been in the bottom of the pack for the past couple of weeks. This is the final performance for all the singers before Hometown visits take place.

We have the song choices for The Top 5:

Clark Beckham – “Your Man” & TBD
Jax – “Empire State of Mind” & “Human”
Nick Fradiani – “What Hurts The Most” & TBD Matchbox 20 song
Rayvon Owen – “Believe” & TBD
Tyanna Jones – “Run The World” & TBD

Based on Jax’s song choice, she must be paired with Jennifer Lopez since she is singing a song that speaks to New York. Jax will also sing the song, “Human” for what she considers to be a selection that reflects her soul as an artist.

Nick Fradiani will sing a song from Matchbox 20 as his song that speaks to the soul.

Without America’s Save with Rayvon last another week or will he end up going home this week? Who are you rooting for? Do you have a favorite?

Jax has been doing fabulous. It looks like she might make it to the final two. Who else would you like to see in the finals?

We will be recapping American Idol live tonight, so be sure to come back and see the rest of the song choices and how the singers fare after singing their two songs of the evening!

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