Is Andi Dorfman’s Ex, Josh Murray Trying to Date Ashley Iaconetti or Dissing Andi

By on April 10, 2015
'josh murray dating ashley i.or just dissing andi dorfman'

Is The Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman’s ex-fiance, Josh Murray hitting on Ashley I. who is best known as the virgin, Kim Kardashian wanna be, who was eliminated from The Bachelor with Chris Soules.

'josh murray dating ashley i.or just dissing andi dorfman'

While Dorfman has cried a river of tears, following the end of her relationship to Murray, the former Bachelorette contestant is moving on. Murray posted a photo of himself with a number of women following an event in New York City, with a shout out to Ashley I. and Lindsie Chrisley, from The Chrisley’s, a reality show.  Ironically, Andi moved to New York City from Atlanta, Georgia, following the couples break up, saying she wanted to make a fresh start.

Needless to say, it only took a short while before rumors of an alleged relationship between Josh and Ashley I. began. After Josh posted the photo on Instagram some fans were happy to see him and Ashley I. together while quite a few thought this was Josh’s way of dissing his ex, Andi.

If you look at Murray’s recent behavior, it may be a diss. He recently made a comment during an interview that he doesn’t miss Dorfman. It doesn’t sound as though the couple parted ways and would be best friends and while they made a statement saying it was a mutual break up, it appears that Andi was definitely more devastated over their break up than Murray was.

Ashley I., who was pretty vocal (and annoying) on The Bachelor, spoke to TMZ and revealed that Josh Murray did reach out to her about getting together and they had a good time that night at the bar. Maybe it could have been a date but Ashley I. brought along a friend or two. That usually is an indicator of a first meeting or an I’m not interested in being anything more than friends.

One thing is for sure – Josh Murray has a type. Long haired brunettes with strong personalities seem to be his thing.

What do you think of Josh and Ashley as a couple? Do you think it is a match made in heaven? Or do you think they are just friends?

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  1. Chelsea

    April 10, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    It appears as though Josh is trying to take a subtle, or maybe not so subtle, jab at Andi posting that picture on Instagram. Obviously the picture would get attention, he has over 500K followers and a legion of fans following his every move and would get back to Andi one way or another. Perhaps this is his way of showing her that he’s moved on for good, not so subtly.

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