The Blacklist TV Recap 4/9/15 “Leonard Caul”

By on April 24, 2015
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Last time on The Blacklist…a woman either killing members of the one percent or framing them for financial crimes (sometimes both) is revealed to be avenging her dead husband, who discovered insider trading and was murdered and made to look like a suicide who’d committed the crimes himself. While Liz and the Task Force are hot on her trail what saves her final victim is that she falls in love with the woman she was using to get to him and planning to kill as well. Reddy finds her later to recruit her for some unknown purpose. Reddy has attempted a coup of the shadowy cabal to which he belongs, but it fails and he is shot in the street as Liz finally hands The Fulcrum over to him in exchange for him never contacting her again.

Read the full recap of last week’s episode here.

We open with someone looking at surveillance photos of Liz and listening to recordings. Man, how awful I this guy’s life. Worst than you think, given he’s got a cut across his jugular that’s still healing. He’s listening to the emergency call about Reddy’s shooting. Liz and Dembe get Reddy into the Mercedes after a brief gun battle. Liz wants to go to a hospital, but Dembe vetoes that, throwing her phone out the window when she’s informing Harold of what just happened. Instead he has her call Mr. Kaplan. I love Mr. Kaplan. I could watch a whole show about her. She apparently has a team of medical professionals (doctors, nurses, EMTs) on standby, but she still frisks them and runs them through a metal detector when they arrive at the secret location and their makeshift ER. See, unlike Liz & The FBI, she’s good at her job. Before he goes under Reddy tells Liz to find Leonard Caul. He was the guy Evil Hawkeye Pierce told Reddy to call, but when they tried to find him in person all they found was blood. Gee, think that’s Mr. Neck Slice?

For some godforsaken reason Liz tells Harold where Reddy is located. This backfires almost immediately when assassins pretending to be FBI show up…and are taken out immediately by Mr. Kaplan in full badass mode! Seriously, enough with Liz. Let’s follow her around cleaning up after Reddy.

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