Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence – Dating Details – Is This For Real?

By on April 1, 2015
'bradley cooper jennifer lawrence'

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have starred in four movies together and apparently since they are both single right now that must mean they are a couple. If we listen to the raggy tabloids Cooper and Lawrence are a couple. Or is this an April Fool’s joke?

'bradley cooper jennifer lawrence'

OK Magazine is either delusional or Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are a real life couple. The actors, who are filming a movie together, Joy, were spotted leaving a hotel together where Bradley was spotted holding Jennifer’s dog. This must mean they are dating, right? Not so fast. Isn’t it possible that the couple were staying in the same hotel while filming Joy, met for breakfast and left and Bradley being the gentleman he is, held Jennifer’s dog. That sounds a bit more reasonable. Especially since Bradley has stated in the past, “If it didn’t happen by now, it’s not going to happen. I could literally be her father.” Bradley is almost twice Jennifer’s age.

With Jennifer Lawrence dating Chris Martin on and off, now would be the perfect time for the two to date, since she would be crying on Bradley’s shoulder. With Cooper and his girlfriend of two years, Suki Waterhouse parting ways, he can also use a shoulder to cry on. Who better than Jennifer Lawrence.

The tabloids have nothing else to report on, so they make up the news hoping someone will believe the headline breaking news. Every once in a while they get it right, bringing readers back to reading their lies. It’s sad because this is what sells. Lies. Lies. Lies.

So we have to ask – do you think Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are really a couple or is this a really bad April Fool’s joke?

Leave a comment and let us know – do you think they would make a good couple of there is no chemistry between the two.

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