Chris O’Donnell Teams with John Hancock Insurance to Recognize Healthy Living

By on April 14, 2015
'chris o'donnell healthy living'

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for John Hancock. I attended an event and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

'chris o'donnell healthy living'

Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Being healthy requires living a healthy life. Watching what you eat and exercise are part of living a healthy life style. What could be better than living a healthy life… about being rewarded for healthy living?

John Hancock Insurance is taking a whole new approach to life insurance and has announced they are rewarding people for healthy living. Partnering with Vitality, the global leader in integrating wellness benefits with life insurance products, the innovative, new life insurance solution provides policyholders with financial protection, as well as opportunities to significantly save on their annual premiums and earn valuable rewards and discounts for taking steps to improve their health.

The new program was announced on April 8, 2015 with Chris O’Donnell in attendance. So how does it work? Once the individual has identified a need for life insurance and completed the application process, new policyholders can take an online Vitality Health Review to determine their Vitality Age, an indicator of overall health that may be higher or lower than their actual age, which can improve over time as they work toward living a healthier life. Vitality has concluded that, on average, most Americans are five years older than their
actual age, based on various health and wellness factors.

As part of the program, policyholders receive personalized health goals and can easily log their activities using online and automated tools, which are integrated with personal health technology. In fact, John Hancock is giving every new policyholder a free Fitbit® as one easy way to track their progress.

Policyholders immediately begin accumulating “Vitality Points” after their policy is issued and when they complete health-related activities like exercising, getting an annual health screening or even a flu shot. The number of Vitality Points a policyholder earns over the course of a year determines their program status level. The healthier their lifestyle, the more points they can accumulate to earn valuable travel, shopping and entertainment-related rewards and discounts from leading retailers. Additionally, depending on the type of product they purchase, a policyholder could save as much as 15 percent off their annual premium.

For example, a 45 year old couple (of average health) buying Protection UL with Vitality life insurance policies of $500,000 each could potentially save more than $25,000 on their premiums by the time they reach 85, with additional savings if they live longer, assuming they reach gold status in all years.

As part of the new offering, John Hancock unveiled two new products: Protection UL with VitalityTM, a universal life insurance product, and John Hancock Term with VitalityTM, a term life insurance product. They are the first life insurance products in the U.S. linked with Vitality healthy living programs and are built on Vitality’s innovative shared-value model.

Protection UL with Vitality and John Hancock Term with Vitality are currently approved and available in 30 and 20 U.S. states respectively, with other state rollouts taking place throughout 2015. John Hancock plans to add additional products to its new Vitality portfolio later this year. For more information, visit and check out the video below.

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