Criminal Minds Recap 4/15/15 – “A Place at the Table”

By on April 16, 2015
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This weeks episode of Criminal Minds opens with a Victorian-era living room, a favorite Christmas classic plays on the phonograph. The camera slowly pans across the unoccupied room, and stops on a framed family photo. The front door is open, and two police officers enter with their guns pointed out in front of them. Not soon after, the two policemen become startled by the family cat, as the two police officers recapture their composure, they notice bloodied paw prints on the hall rug. The policemen follow the paw prints into the dining room;  four members of the Kingman family are seated at the dining room table, but this is no ordinary birthday celebration, this family has been murdered.

Criminal Minds 11

Jessica Brooks is in Hotch’s office, the two are discussing Jack’s field trip to the museum. Hotch can not thank his sister-in-law enough for being able to step in at the last minute to chaperone Jack’s class trip. Hotch receives a call on his cell phone, and abruptly cuts his conversation short with Jessica, while he makes his way to the conference room for this week’s slideshow.

The news of the Kingman family murder has reached the BAU Headquarters, Garcia is conducting the video feed with Sergeant Carlson. The seasoned veteran is breaking down the crime scene when a shadow of a young man catches his attention. Without missing a beat, Sergeant Carlson excuses himself to apprehend a bloodied Ezra Warren.

The young male is sitting at a table across from Rossi in the interrogation room. Rossi begins to ask questions about the Kingman family and his relationship with them. Ezra, who’s still wearing his boyfriend’s blood on his face, tries to rationalize the scenario for Rossi. The evening was to celebrate his boyfriends mother’s birthday. When he arrived for Donna’s birthday dinner, Lance (his boyfriend) and his father, Frank, were in the middle of a heated discussion. Not one for staying around, Ezra made his way upstairs and took a nap. A few hours later, he was woken by creepy Christmas music playing over and over again on the phonograph. Once the music brought him downstairs and into the dining room, Ezra noticed immediately Lance, Donna, Jenna (sister), Clara (grandmother) are dead, and Frank is missing. Ezra immediately begins to cry, as he grabs for Lance’s face, that’s how he got blood all over him.

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