Criminal Minds Recap 4/8/15 – “Beyond Borders”

By on April 9, 2015

This week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens with the Sullivan family arriving at a Barbados airport. Due to their delay at baggage claim, the Sullivan family accidentally misses the last hotel shuttle. Tired and frustrated, the father, Greg takes charge of this situation, and asks a local shuttle driver to take them to their hotel. Once the transaction has been agreed upon, the Unsub, Jerry Tidwell gets out of the driver’s seat, and helps Greg with his families luggage. By now, Allison and Nick find their rightful place in the back seat, Colleen sits beside her husband in the middle row seats. A few minutes into the journey, the Unsub offers the family complimentary waters, which are kept cold in the cooler in front of Greg. Once the bottles are opened and have been drunk, Greg becomes noticeably tired, and places his head against the headrest and falls asleep. Allison and Nick have fallen asleep, as well. Collen has become suspicious and asks the driver, “Where are you going?” With this question asked, Jerry drives faster down an abandoned road.

Meanwhile, Unit Chief Jack Garrett is at a police shooting range. He shoots a few rounds at his practice target when his cell phone beeps. Unfazed by the brief message; he pushes the button and the bullet riddled paper appears in front of his eyes, places his gun down, and leaves the area.

The next time we see Jack Garrett, he is at the BAU Headquarters walking down the hall with FBI Section Chief Director Mateo Cruz. The two agents are catching up on old times and briefing each other on the latest family abduction in Barbados.

Agent Lily Lambert as well as the BAU team are at the roundtable, the airport footage of the Unsub placing luggage in his shuttle is being analyzed by the team. The agents unanimously agree this abduction matches another case the BAU investigated a year ago in Florida. So, wheels up in 30, as the agents head to the Caribbean.

By now, the Unsub has duct taped his captives’ mouths and has plastic-bracelets around their wrists, Greg, Colleen, Allison and Nick are huddled together and crying. Jerry enters the room, he doesn’t say a word, as he drags Greg away from his family, and places him alone in a jail-like cell.

Later that morning, Hotch, Rossi, Jack, Lily, Matt, Morgan and JJ are sitting comfortably on the airplane. The agents begin to theorize why the Sullivan family would be abducted…when, Garcia chimes in via computer, and informs the agents this is the first time the Sullivan family is traveling out of the United States. The agents agree this makes them vulnerable and easy prey for the Unsub to abduct the entire family.

Speaking of Garcia, once she said goodbye to her team, Analyst Russ Montgomery arrives at the doorstep of Garcia’s office. Hugs and pleasantries are exchanged, when Russ informs Garcia the parents of the Sullivan family are downstairs. He tells her they need to interview Joe and Pat Sullivan. With a terrified look on Garcia’s face, she hesitantly agrees to go with Russ…and the brief meeting went awkwardly well.

Unfortunately, Callahan and Reid did not make the trip to Barbados; their assignment was to investigate the Sullivan home looking for clues, if the Unsub had contacted anyone in the family before their vacation.

The next time we see Hotch, Rossi, Jack, Lily, Matt, Morgan and JJ they’re being greeted by Fitz and his team at the U.S. Embassy, Bridgeport. Fitz brings the agents into a common area, where they begin to set-up their equipment for this investigation.

Meanwhile, Jerry has the Sullivan family held captive on a boat, in the middle of the ocean. He is consumed with taping Allison and Nick, as he does this, he has a flashback about a younger him with his father. It seems, his father is disciplining him with a belt, so present Jerry needs to take his belt and begin to discipline Greg. It seems that he’s taking his past aggression out on “his father”.

Later that afternoon, Hotch and Lily are surrounded by tourist in the streets. The two agents are walking in the crowded streets showing a photo of the Unsub to shuttle vendors. When Hotch and Lily take a brief conversation break, Hotch believes he sees the Unsub rushing down a flight of stairs carrying a piece of luggage. Instinctively, Hotch begins to run after the man, and yells back to Lily….a few minutes later, Hotch tackles the guy, but to no avail he was not the Unsub.

Back on the boat, Jerry has placed a chocolate cupcake in front of Greg. There is one lite candle in the center of the birthday dessert. Greg just sits there, at the table, and stares at the burning flame. The Unsub becomes enraged and tells him to blow it out. The family looks on and encourages the patriarch to do what the Unsub has told him to do. But, Greg refuses to give into the Unsub’s demands. With that said, the Unsub experiences another flashback, this involving his younger self having his head dunk in water by his father. Back to reality, Allison was able to break-free from her plastic-bracelets and begins to roam around the boat looking for any object she can to set her family free. While Allison makes a distraction, Greg was able to grab for a knife. The Unsub and Greg begin to have a brief scuffle. Collen was able to break-free. She rushes toward the stairs to the deck. Colleen sees a dingy and begins to untie the small boat when she hears the sound of a gunshot going off. She becomes startled and the untied boat accidentally falls into the ocean. When Colleen turns around to see where the sound of the gunshot had emerged from, she sees her son in the arms of the Unsub. This action made her irate, but that didn’t seem to faze the Unsub. In the end, he was able to roundup the Sullivan family: he tied their hands-up, duct taped their mouths and left them alone on the deck of his boat.

Meanwhile at the U.S. Embassy, Hotch, Jack, Rossi and Lily brainstorm with Garcia and Russ about the Unsub’s identity. After a few minutes of searching her database, Garcia was able to find Jerry Tidwell, who massacred his entire family on a vacation several years back. The courts deemed the teenager insane and was sent to an institution for treatment. Garcia was also able to find the meaning of April 9th, which reveals to be his father’s birthday. Hotch believes this date is a stressor for him. Jerry’s subconscious can’t seem to let go of his father’s violent abuse, so he seems to be reliving this horrible nightmare with the Sullivan family. Him, of course, portraying his violent father.

Later that night, Jerry has control of his boat again, as well as the Sullivan family. It’s a nice night at sea, as the Unsub is zooming his camera onto Allison’s young face. She notices what Jerry is doing and begins to yell at him. Once quiet on the seas has now turned into a mutiny…the Unsub grabs Nick and without warning just tosses him overboard. Greg, Colleen and Allison are now screaming at the top of their lungs for Nick. This action doesn’t seem to upset the Unsub, but it does prompted Allison to break-free from the plastic-bracelets. But, free, she is not for long, Jerry is able to capture her and places a gun to her head.

By now, two boats have left the dock at the industrial marina; one being captained by Jack and the other one by Matt. Hotch and Lily are hovering over the Unsub’s boat in a helicopter. Jack, JJ and Matt storm the boat, JJ keeps telling Allison to keep her eyes on her. Finally, Allison listens and she drops to the ground and Jack was able to take Jerry out with one single bullet.

Once the agents were able to rescue the Sullivan family, Greg and Colleen tell the agents their son was recently thrown overboard.  With no time to waste, Hotch leads a search and rescue to find Nick. A few minutes pass, when Hotch notices Nick safe and sound inside an abandoned small boat.

On land, the entire Sullivan family is reunited and brought back to BAU Headquarters. At the end of this investigation, Jack is in Rossi’s office. The two friends are talking about fatherhood and grandchildren when Hotch and Lily enter their conversation. The episode ends with everyone passing out hugs, kisses and a joyous bon voyage!

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