Dance Moms Recap 4/28/15- Season 5, Ep. 17- Showdown in Pittsburgh, Part 1

By on April 28, 2015
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“Dance Moms” has left California with a win and on a high note so they can return to Pittsburgh. But not everything is as perfect as it seems. You can keep up with season five of “Dance Moms” right here.


California was a success for Nia and Kendall who both shot music videos. Sadly, Abby was not Team Nia at all because she and mom Holly went their own direction and worked with Aubrey O’Day. Kendall, on the other hand, had her kiss butt mom Jill following everything Abby said. If she said jump, Jill would ask how high and that was pathetic. Holly and Aubrey ended up putting photos from Nia’s video shoot up on social media and the moms were stunned. When Abby saw the photos, she felt that Nia was betraying her and did not even look like the sweet Nia we know and love. I think Abby was just mad that she did not have the vision to make Nia over the way that Aubrey’s people did. Holly is mad when the moms ask about the shoot because they are being rude and she reminds them that she has always been supportive of their children so why are they shaming Nia?

When it came to the competition, I was terrified because there was so much tension and tension like that can hurt a performance. JoJo and Kendall both had solos; Kendall came in fifth while JoJo failed to place. I really do not think that Abby cared because when she met them in the changing room, she let them know that she was off to the Grammy’s where Maddie was performing. I thought Maddie said that she was nor bringing Abby. In any case, it is time to come home and guess who they get to go up against this week? Cathy, duh. Abby schedules the team to attend both a competition and a convention. Meanwhile, Holly organizes a premiere party for Nia’s music video, but not everyone in the ALDC is excited about her big debut.

Keep reading to see how everyone reacts to Nia’s video.

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