Dance Moms Recap 4/7/15- Season 5, Ep.14- Hollywood, Round 2

By on April 7, 2015
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“Dance Moms” is back for another week of Abby Lee Miller insanity. You can keep up with season five of “Dance Moms” right here.


The ALDC went to California where mainly Maddie saw success now that she is Sia’s main dancer. The other girls along with their moms hoped for the same success but Abby, who is supposed to be their manager, was all over the place. She was late, she was unkempt, she was demanding and beyond overwhelmed. Nia had a chance to work with Aubrey O’Day which Abby did not approve of and then a huge chance came when the ALDC was recruited for a MattyB video. Unfortunately, Abby did not like the terms so she demanded everyone leave but JoJo, Nia and Kalani ended up sticking it out. They did not know when they would get an opportunity like that again. This caused a divide amongst the mothers.

Then we had the Rotten Candy Apples who were out to get them when the ALDC returned from California as “failures.” They ended up going on a pretty good winning streak but Nia failed to succeed at her solo she won’t be doing them for a while. Holly is sick of her daughter being treated like a second-class citizens but it is all good because Cathy has an amazing team of ALDC rejects. At the last competition, right before they head to California, the Candy Apples beat them leaving the ALDC in second place dust. Now it is time to go back to California and the hope is that this time, there will be more success than disappointment. What they do not know is that there may be some rotten apples lurking and waiting for them in Hollywood.

Keep reading to see how their second attempt in Hollywood goes!

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