Dig Recap: Emma Wilson’s Father 4/2/15

By on April 2, 2015
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Dig continue with Lynn grilling Peter for firing his gun at Khalid in a sacred place of Israel. Peter tries to make a case for himself, but she’s not having any of it. She leaves, and is picked up by a driver, who Peter doesn’t look thrilled to see.  The driver warns there are protests going on around the Consulate. They arrive to see the Senator, but the protestors- some whom have Molotov cocktails block their path. They  break into the car and drag both of them out. Back at the hotel, Peter examines Emma’s journal, and one drawing in particular. A man approaches him, recognizing one of the drawings. He asks where Peter got it, and he dismisses it as his daughter’s- the man sits down and says it’s Emma’s, now assuming Peter is in fact her dad. The man goes on that Emma is a relatively old friend of his. Peter asks to check in with his other friends who may know about the drawing. The man agrees and they set-up a meetup in twenty minutes. Inside the precinct, Cohen arrives to find someone has signed out the breastplate from evidence.

Elsewhere, the Farmer Boy, Avram looks on as his crush does laundry. His host father chats to a man on the phone- who then says have the boy and the package ready. The hose father says he’ll be there. The caller gets into his car, drives off, and then the Bald Man from before gets up from the backseat and puts a knife to his throat. “I’ll never take you to the boy.” “I don’t expect you to.” Peter meets with Emma’s ‘friends’ who turn out to be less than helpful. They mention a boyfriend of Emma’s, but no one seems to know much.

At the Compound, a woman arrives in Debbie’s cell to deliver a tray of hygienic items. Debbie begs her for help, and points out before she got there, she did horrible things that she regrets. She sites them being evil by her faith’s eyes- just like the compound’s mission. The woman runs away, only to come back inside- because Charlie has her at gunpoint and has entered the room. Debbie runs to hug him.

Debbie takes the gun from Charlie and points it at the woman as Charlie ties her up. They try to make an escape, narrowly missing Fay a few times. Fay arrives at the cell, unties the woman and gets the story. She calls in an alert, and everyone in the compound goes into a lockdown mode. Charlie and Debbie hide, narrowly missing Billingham again.

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