Dig Recap: Sisters of Dinah 4/23/15

By on April 23, 2015
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On the last episode of Dig, Peter and Cohen got dragged further into the mystery of the Dig site when a very much alive Emma tells them her death was a hoax on Ian’s part. Charlie was killed during an attempt by The Compound’s people to get Josh back, and Josh and Debbie barely managed to escape. When he was chasing a lead, Peter was nearly killed by mystery attackers, and the Essene saves him- and tells him they’ll be in touch. Debbie bought a gun, feeling she was going to need it in the storm that was going to come her and Josh’s way. The full recap of last week’s episode of Dig can be found here.

The new episode of Dig kicks off with a nurse in a hospital checking in with someone, carrying a box to deliver to a patient. She opens it, and shows the silent patient that it’s a chess piece. Elsewhere, Peter has broken into Lynn’s apartment to confront her about the people who met him in the trucks. It turns out that she was set-up with a text message she thought was sent by him, too. She lays into him for potentially ruining her career and not putting his faith in her. He apologizes. She accepts it, then points out they have to figure out who played them.

Ian and a student are at the Dig site where they find traces of the Sisters of Dinah- ancient ‘Keepers of Secrets.’ In the desert, Debbie calls her mother, Amanda, for help. She apologizes for not being the daughter Amanda would’ve hoped for, and apologizes for causing her pain, then says what she assumes is her final goodbyes, tells her she loves her, then asks for forgiveness.

The next morning, the Ambassador and Lynn meet for breakfast. The Ambassador muses that Peter should’ve contacted by her. She comes clean, and then the Ambassador reveals it was her who sent the texts ‘from Peter.’ Lynn comes to Peter’s defense. Lynn points out Peter’s belief that the Jewish Historical Center is a front for stranger, darker things. She points out that Peter made his escape with a mystery man. The Ambassador wants to know who. Shortly after, she makes a call to the Rabbi, accusing him of sending someone after Peter. The Rabbi snaps that Lynn and the other agents are trying to connect them, so he has her hang up. At the center, Avram has arrived. He tells the Rabbi he lost Red. The Rabbi says it’s his fault for trusting Avram. When he hears Avram has named Red, he’s even more angry, then kicks him out of the center. Avram asks what happens now.  The Rabbi says they have a plan. He leaves and goes to a room where a number of armed men are setting up guns.

Elsewhere, Cohen, Emma and Peter go to a class, where someone is lecturing. That someone is Professor Zahar- Ian and Donaldson’s remaining partner. He’s surprisingly open to them, and explains what they were about- as well as his distaste for Ian. Emma goes to join the questioning and calls herself Agent Wilson- which Cohen and Peter are less than thrilled about. The professor mentions Donaldson’s breakdown The Night- with ‘a fairytale ending’: Donaldson killed his wife in front of his kids. Cohen revisits Donaldson’s video and they have a location to search. Meanwhile, Ian and his student arrive at an abbey and they give some false story to get inside.  With Debbie, she sneaks into a warehouse where some of Billingham’s written books are being prepped for shipping. Fay’s there, so she hides in a room. She turns on the lights and finds a filing cabinet. She goes through it and pulls some files, one of which contains an ultrasound and a photo of what may be the mother of whatever baby- probably one of the Joshs. It turns out Fay is also in the file, so one Josh may be her son.

Lynn meets up with an old friend and asks how she could sneak into the consulate without being seen. He assumes she’s trying to get in herself, but she covers with asking how Khalid could’ve done it. He points out that private security companies are alerted the second something fishy goes wrong with it though. She tells her friend to keep it between them. With Emma and Peter, they try to track the location of Donaldon’s house. Peter matches up buildings, and they arrive at the same abby Ian was at earlier. She lets them in, and gives them keys to Donaldson’s old room. They go inside and check it out. Elsewhere, Ian is looking over a carving on the wall. Across the place, Emma muses about feeling Donaldson’s pain through the place’s disarray. Back with Ian, he destroys one carving, and there’s something behind it. Meanwhile, Peter has found a secret hatch in the floor.

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