Dig Recap: The Well of Souls 4/9/2015

By on April 9, 2015
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On the last episode of Dig, Avram is transferred into an Essene’s care, Khalid kills himself for the “greater good” of his organization’s part of the prophecy, Charlie and Debbie successfully escaped from the Compound with Josh, and Peter began getting close to getting answers about Emma’s murder, much to Lynn and everyone else’s dismay of what those answers would mean for all of them individually. We have the complete recap of Dig from April 2, 2015 here.

Cohen arrives at the scene of Khalid’s suicide. He spots a keychain- a digital timeclock used to clock hours at work. He wanders off. Elsewhere, Charlie and Debbie regroup, and Charlie wants answers about Josh. She explains the whole Second Coming-type prophecy that Billingham has weaved with his people. Charlie starts doubting that she’s sober, but accepts the story eventually. He promises they’ll go to the DBI first thing. At the FBI building, Peter shows an AV tech the symbol from Emma’s journal to try and see what leads they can get. Lynn comes in and he tries to hide it. Lynn tells him about Khalid’s fate, then insists he needs to take a step back with his drive with both cases before he risks his job. The rech calls him back in- it’s connected to a missing person case- Greg Donaldson, who was found and then brought to a psychological institute. Peter goes to see him to try to question him. His doctor explains that he had a mental break over religious fervor- hears voices, hallucinates- it’s all wrong. He pulls back Greg’s shirt and it looks like the symbol has been burned or cut into his chest. Peter takes the journal out and compares the two, then asks Greg about a connection. Greg spells out Jehosaphat- and then proceeds to attack Peter.

They manage to pry the two apart and the doctor leads him out of the institute. Peter checks about visitors, and there was a young woman who visited a lot. In town, Cohen meets an old contact, who hacks into the keychain for him- he’s due into work at 5. He goes to follow up on it. With Peter, he’s tracked down the young woman. He shows her the symbol. At the hotel, Charlie checks in with Debbie- the FBI put him on hold too long so he hung up. He also thinks they’ll assume he’s insane. They share a moment, and meanwhile, the cop who turned in Debbie and Josh arrives at the hotel parking lot. He calls in Billngham. Avram wakes up a few hours into the car trip with the Bald Man. He mentions having a dream about his crush. The Bald Man mocks him for it. They pull up to a farm. The Bald Man breaks in, then finds a tub. He tells Avram it will do “for his redemption.” With Peter, the woman has opened up to him about Greg and his past. Apparently after receiving a letter a few years ago, he got paranoid and wasn’t the same. He called them the Order of Oria.  He ran, then disappeared for a few days, and when they found him, he had carved the symbol into his chest. Peter asks if she still has the package, and she says people already took it shortly after he went missing. Peter goes to leave, then stops to assure him he understands her loss, since he’s had one of his own. She gives him the last bit of the package that got left behind- it looks like a USB. Back with Choan, he tosses Khalid’s apartment. He sees something that calls him. Elsewhere, Peter calls someone to follow up on the key. He gets a call from Cohen, who announces he thinks he’s found the killer. The camera pans to what spooked him before- a poster the size of the closet, covered in pictures of Emma.

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