General Hospital Recap for April 13 to 17

By on April 18, 2015
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This week on General Hospital, Baby Avery goes missing! Michael’s behavior grows worse and Jake unknowingly gets closer to discovering his true identity.


At General Hospital Kiki and Morgan smugly congratulate each other for drugging Michael to make him look so incompetent that Child Protection Services would return Avery to them. As they stupidly sit outside of Avery’s room, someone sneaks in to see the baby. It’s someone the baby apparently knows because she doesn’t make a single peep when she is taken. Later Kiki and Morgan are stunned when they see Avery’s empty crib. Morgan immediately calls Dante for help.

Valerie wakes up on the couch of Dante and Lulu’s loft. She apologizes again for trying to hurt Luke. Dante understands she is grieving for her mother; he explains he too was raised by a single mom. He would probably snap if he lost her. When Dante gets called away, he leaves Valerie to watch Rocco.

Back at General Hospital Luke wakes up to see Lulu sitting beside him. Lulu explains that Tracy and Bobbie are with Diane at the courthouse trying to figure out where Luke will go once he recovers. Chances are he will end up back in Pentonville instead of Shadybrook. Luke encourages Lulu to return home. Alone he shivers seeing his dad’s tattoo on his arm. Then he cries for help when he sees his evil side talking to him! Evil Luke reminds Luke that he will always be with him and cackles gleefully as Luke cowers in the bed.

Valerie and Rocco are playing with blocks as Valerie gushes over how great of a dad Dante must be. Lulu enters and immediately goes spastic on Valerie. She is so NOT okay with Valerie watching Rocco after she tried to kill Luke last night! Which begs the question, why let Valerie spend the night?

Maxie opens her door to Nathan who wants to get back together. Maxie looks very tempted, but they are interrupted by Spinelli, who announces they just got back together. Nathan leaves, crushed, as Maxie admits to Spinelli she still has feelings for Nathan. It’s only natural, just like he has feelings for Ellie, right? Spinelli nods. He seems a little regretful having gotten what he wanted and tries to push thoughts of Ellie away, but guess who rings the doorbell? Ellie! Despite her sassy new haircut, Ellie is still the lovable nerd as she explains she came to visit Georgie. Maxie realizes that Ellie regrets her decision to break up with Spinelli as Ellie learns that Maxie and Spinelli got back together merely because Nathan took himself out of the equation. She sadly agrees that Maxie and Spinelli make sense together, but it’s pretty clear that everyone is having second thoughts about whom they are with. Except for Georgie, who happily tears up a whole box of Kleenex and throws it on the couch during this scene. Adorbs!

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