General Hospital Recap for March 30 to April 3

By on April 4, 2015
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This week in Port Charles…GH celebrates their 52nd anniversary with the reveal of Luke’s shocking secret. Sam and Patrick move ahead in their relationship as Jake begins to have flashbacks of Sam.


Bobbie and Tracy are surprised when they find Luke—with a gun and a violent sneer—standing in Patricia’s hospital room. Luke knows they tracked Patricia to the convalescent home and he pulls back the curtain to reveal his bound and gagged sister. He reasons that if he kills the only person who knew what had happened to them as children, then the secret would not exist anymore. When Bobbie asks if Luke can remove Patricia’s gag, Luke says he could do that—or he could shoot Bobbie in the heart.

Meanwhile Dante and Lulu learn from Valerie that Luke was there when Tracy and Lulu were. They realize Luke is probably at the Oakhill Convalescent home and Lulu tricks Dante into taking care of Valerie and her concussion. Lulu leaves Dante behind and rushes to the convalescent home where Luke throws her in with her aunts and stepmom. Luke prepares to kill Lulu first, but Tracy stands in front of her. She appeals to Luke and eventually succeeds in getting the real Luke to emerge. Luke is confused, yet happy to see Patricia, whom he has not seen in 52 years. Their reunion is cut short by the arrival of the police sent by Dante. Tracy sweet talks them into leaving Luke alone. When Lulu and Tracy return to the room, Luke is gone, having climbed out of the window.

Back in Port Charles Carly confronts Jake at Kelly’s. She makes a strong case for why Jake should not believe that Hayden is his wife. Jake is resigned to living the rest of his life with Hayden. Carly argues he should stay in Port Charles so she can keep an eye on him. If Jake refuses to let her hire Diane for him, then Jake needs to convince Hayden to move to Port Charles so Jake can work undercover for Sloane.

At the Metro Court Julian tells Alexis that he is not entirely convinced that Olivia’s baby is Ned’s. Franco and Nina ask Olivia for a comped suite—with mints on the pillows—or they will reveal that Olivia lied about her baby’s paternity. Disgusted Olivia goes along with the blackmail and gives Franco and Nina a guest suite. When Carly hears that, she loses her head. Olivia argues that since she owns half of the hotel, she can give suites to whomever she wants! Carly stomps off as Franco and Nina look unbearably smug. As Franco and Nina settle into the newly renovated Metro Court suites, Carly returns to Olivia. What’s the deal, Falconari?

Upstairs Sloane confronts Jordan and Anna. Jordan is Anna’s informant, isn’t he? They confess and Jordan says that Duke ordered her to kill Julian. However, when she wore a wire and tried to get him to say it again, Duke recanted. Meanwhile Duke realizes that Jordan is a mole and warns another mob associate to keep this from Shawn until Duke can take care of Jordan.

Ric is at Kelly’s talking to Hayden, reminding her to keep Jake away from Elizabeth. Of course Elizabeth walks in to overhear the tail-end of the conversation. Ric covers, saying it was about a trial and he listens as Elizabeth confesses that things are not going to work out between her and Jake. Ric feigns sympathy, and asks Elizabeth if she would consider taking him back. Elizabeth sighs. She can’t, not right now. Ric agrees to give her space, but he strongly feels that Jake won’t make her happy.

Meanwhile Jake returns to Hayden with coffee. Hayden sputters that it’s not the way she likes it and “reminds” Jake how she usually has it. When Jake tells her that he has a job in Port Charles and wants to stay, Hayden does her best to convince him that Beecher’s Corners is their home. She eventually agrees to stay in Port Charles. Jake looks at the bed. Guess it’s time to go to sleep! Hayden panics, but covers they lay in bed.

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