Hilary Duff is on Tinder – Has a Bowling Date With One of the Men

By on April 28, 2015

Hilary Duff is on Tinder, the dating app, following her divorce from her husband Mike Comrie.


Duff confirmed the news in a radio interview with Valentine in the Morning.

When asked what made her decide to go on the dating app, Duff revealed in her life she has always had really serious boyfriends and has always met people at work. After sitting around with her friends one night, she decided to give Tinder a try, saying, “the whole process is wildly addicting.”

Duff is even going on a date tonight, April 28, 2015, with someone she met on the app. She revealed she is shallow and needs to be attracted to the guy she is going on a date with, saying the first thing she looks for is “obviously looks. Natural chemistry.” She also looks for what they say in their profile and for someone that looks like they do fun things and makes you laugh in their profile. Duff’s profile says, “let’s get pizza.”

What are her plans when she goes on the date? Duff and her Tinder date are going on a group date, bowling. She said she has never dated a ‘normie’ and is looking forward to it. She wants to feel that spark. Duff is bringing her friends with her since the first time she goes on a Tinder date, she insists upon bringing friends. Since Duff is new to the dating scene, she said she still has her training wheels on.

Having heard the best thing to do on a date is to do something you’ve never done before, she has another date planned where she and the guy are going to go go-cart racing.

Before marrying Comrie, Duff dated Aaron Carter, who tried to win her back following her divorce, in a very public way, by begging her to give him another chance via Twitter. Duff also dated Benji Madden for a long time, revealing he took her virginity.

Hilary is currently starring in the new comedy called, Younger.

Listen to the interview of Hilary discussing Tinder and what she looks for in a man below.

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