iZombie Recap 3/31/15 Season 1, Ep. 3 The Exterminator

By on April 1, 2015
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iZombie has the same issues a human has –   even in death or whatever you would like to call it in this case, Liv is still forced to deal with the general plagues that come with the living.  Like us, Liv has to deal with finding meaning from a world that doesn’t seem to have any inherent meaning all. She too has to come to terms with her identity, her purpose, and her sense of being. See! Zombies are people too! The questions of “Who am I? ” and “Who am I becoming?”  only begins to get answered in the form of a boathouse.

'zombie the tv show'

Two shaggy-haired, annoyingly hip teens are shooting a scary home movie at the abandoned boathouse. In a bout of overcompensating hyper-masculinity, one boy challenges the other to look under a pile of rubbish.

It is then we find ourselves back in the middle of the surprisingly warm and witty autopsy room with Ravi and Liv. Liv is examining a hit-and-run victim (and eating his brains,) while Ravi scours the internet for any signs of other zombie life. Turns out, what the kids found in the hole at the boathouse was a very standard model zombie. You know, all rotting body parts and a need for BRAAAAAAIIINNNNSSSSS.

While, Liv may have an all-consuming hunger for brains, hot sauce, and her ex-fiancee. Even though, Liv was the one to break up with Major, she’s still kvetching over dumping him. To be fair, she got a serious case of the zombies, so dumping him was really a dump of love. Not only was she angst-ing over the break-up, but she was anxious waiting for him to text her back. As it goes, she texted Major a major apology for dumping him so callously and then callously trying to seduce him six months after dumping him so callously. It’s at this point that Liv feels every bit the monster the comic books told her she would become.

Speaking of monsters, Blaine drops by the autopsy room to see why Liv stood him up for their “dinner” date. Liv not revealing the exchange she witnessed last week between Blaine and those goons, Liv lies and says she couldn’t get away. Blaine being Liv’s foil asks her the poignant question, “What would you do if you had to hunt for brains?” Thus making Liv uncoil, questioning herself as a functioning zombie.

Liv comes home to her apartment to find her roommate set up with a bottle of champagne. Her roommate, Peyton Charles, is celebrating the awesome break in her career. Peyton will be prosecuting the man who is accused of murdering Wally Walker, the tech wunderkind.

Gus Williams is the accused in this case. He is the unlucky homeless man who stumbled upon Walker’s dead body in the park. As Liv and Peyton practice Peyton’s opening statement, Liv has a flash of memory from the hit-and-run victim on the slab. Apparently, Peyton’s big break is about to come crashing down because poor ole’ downtrodden Gus is innocent. Turns out, Liv’s hit-and-run victim was kind of a hit and run man himself because well, he was a contract killer.

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