Married at First Sight Recap 4/7/15 – ‘Honeymoons’

By on April 7, 2015
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Married at First Sight continues with the honeymoons. The couples are getting to know each other and learn their likes, dislikes and everything in between.


Jaclyn and Ryan
Jaclyn continues to comment on Ryan’s looks and how she wasn’t immediately attracted to him. The couple are enjoying the sun and surf, but Ryan is taken aback by the fact that Jaclyn orders for Ryan and when she teach him how to swim, he is definitely feeling a bit emasculated. Ryan reveals he feels like a 13 year old boy when he is with Jaclyn but can that last when she also mothers him all the time?

Jaclyn needs to stop discussing the chemistry.

Ryan and Jaclyn take dance lessons. Of course, Jaclyn is having a problem with Ryan taking the lead but eventually gets it.

The couple go for a romantic dinner. Ryan doesn’t like that Jaclyn says he is ‘her boy.’ He doesn’t want to love each other as friends. Ryan reveals he is not super adventurous and Jaclyn wants to learn how to ski and go on a safari. Jaclyn reveals the more comfortable she gets with him, the more she likes him.

Next stop is golfing. This is Ryan’s comfort zone. He teaches her how to golf and Jaclyn is loving it. Ryan is bothered that Jaclyn keeps calling him dude and puts him in the friend zone. Jaclyn has been single for seven years and is having a hard time adjusting to being someone’s wife.

Jaclyn realizes that teaching Ryan as a buddy is not a good thing. How are they going to grow as a couple? Jaclyn appreciates his patience and understanding.

Sean and Davina
The couple have alone time and get away. They learn about each other. Davina and Sean realizes love takes time and the hard work really begins when they get back to reality. The couple go for a couples massage. Davina has no plans on having sex with Sean until she falls in love with him. She wants love sex. Not sex sex. Sean wants sex to happen when things are right. The couple discuss how they are during sex. TMI anyone??

Davina opens up to Sean and reveals she didn’t have a lot of friends growing up and she was alone a lot. She knows she is always going to be okay and is trying to trust more. She tells the camera, ‘you are only as sick as your secrets.’ Sean reveals how he was bullied as a child.

Davina steps out of her comfort zone, making snow angels and having a snowball fight with Sean. The couple go skiing. Sean has never skied before and Davina has gone once.

When Davina shares a story with him about her mom and Sean doesn’t say a word, she isn’t sure if he hears her or just doesn’t care. Frustrating for sure?

Davina is completely touched by a horse ride they take. When she cries and Sean doesn’t do anything – Davina is not happy. Davina is worried because they are not on the same page. Davina told Sean she doesn’t show emotion a lot and he said he didn’t realize she was having a moment. She asks Sean to be more perceptive. He wants to do the right thing.

Keep reading to see how Jessica and Ryan did as a couple:

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