Nashville Recap 4/1/15 Season 3 Episode 16: “I Can’t Keep Away From You”

By on April 2, 2015
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Nashville begins where it left off two weeks ago – with Rayna reacting to the news from Deacon that he’s extremely sick. It’s a weird place to pick back up but it’s also nice that they didn’t jump over any details, no matter how minor they might be. Rayna tries hard to find a solution to the problem, but Deacon tells her that all he’s going to do is wait for the transplant list. She tells him that it’ll be alright now that the pair is in it together. Deacon then breaks the news that he can’t do this with her by his side. Wait, what?! Hasn’t Deacon been waiting on Rayna for like this entire season and years and years before that too?! Did I miss something here?


Basically, he’s being a martyr because he feels guilty for all the pain he’s put her through in the past. He refuses to put her through anything else, despite all of Rayna’s objections that she wouldn’t ever pity him, she’d just love him.

There’s some awkward tension between Luke and Sadie. He saw her Good Morning America interview where she revealed that her ex husband was abusive to her for so long. More or less, this scene between these two characters was relatively short. But in my eyes, it spoke volumes. Just based on the way the two acted around each other, it’s not hard to predict that they are going to end up getting together sooner or later. Didn’t I already predict this pretty early in the season? Maybe not, but I want to say there’s been hints dropped for a long time now!

Gunnar, Deacon, and Scarlett are going on tour opening for Rascal Flatts. The band is touring in the same place where Scarlett had her breakdown and lost it during the middle of a show. She’s obviously still haunted over that experience, and it comes rushing back when a fan tweets her about the incident.

Layla let’s jealousy get the best of her when Jeff, as her manager, sets up an interview with an “old friend.” Jeff believes that his blogger friend has a pretty huge following and will give Layla some serious publicity if she follows through. But then Layla starts to get jealous as she watches Jeff and his obviously old flame keep going down memory lane. Layla confronts him about it and Jeff responds saying that the girl meant nothing to him, it was just sex. Layla fires back with a, “Is that what we are?” Jeff is unable to give her the answer she wants to hear which is clearly not what she (or any girl) wants to hear.

Will found inspiration with the openly gay songwriter Kevin Bicks. But Bicks felt that will was obviously uncomfortable working with him so he suggests Will writes the rest of the songs on his album without any of his help. It doesn’t take Will long to realize that his song with Bicks was one of his strongest work yet and his insecurities about his own sexuality are getting the best of him.

Teddy finds out that the prostitute he was with is currently under investigation. Natasha (the prostitute) tells him that the only way she’ll get out of his way and not reveal the truth about them, is if he pays her off so she can get out of town. Teddy attempts to drag Jeff into the whole mess, who instantly refuses, which then leads to Teddy firing at Jeff that he only cares about himself.

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