Nashville Recap 4/8/15 Season 3 Episode 17: “This Just Ain’t a Good Day For Leavin'”

By on April 9, 2015
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Nashville is becoming a true soap opera. In this week’s episode of the hit series, there is murder, prostitutes, blackmail, cancer and a baby. That’s a whole lot of drama for one week.



This weeks episode of Nashville picks up with the Sadie storyline. Just in case you missed it, last weeks episode ended with Sadie’s ex husband confronting her in the parking lot. Sadie had just left Luke, who was parked on the other side of the lot and missed the altercation and only caught the end of it. Her ex confronted her about her Good Morning America interview and she ended up pulling out her unregistered gun. The two fought over it for a little bit but in the end, she ended up killing him and Luke just caught the end of it. We have the complete recap from last week’s episode of Nashville here.

Sadie ends up  being brought into the police station with Luke as the only witness. She calls Rayna for help and Rayna rushes instantly to her side with help from a lawyer.

Juliette is going crazy when everyone tells her last minute that they can’t attend her big baby shower. Homegirl pulls up an old Juliette move by crashing all of her decorations and going off on those who work for her. It’s pretty hilarious when Rayna ends up showing up at her house and sees the aftermath of Juliette’s tantrum and comments, “Wow that must have been some shower.” Emotions are high between the pair when Juliette yells at Rayna for hosting her shower then not bothering to show up. Rayna yells right back at her, due to all of the emotions she’s experienced over the course of 24 hours. Juliette interrupted Rayna’s breakdown to let her know that her water just broke.

This storyline about Teddy and the prostitute is actually getting old. She ambushes him yet again and tells him that she really needs the money to get out of town before anybody tracks her down and finds everything out. Teddy hasn’t been a very likable character this season due to the company that he keeps (not the prostitute, I mean Jeff) and also just his choices in general. However, we do see a more sensitive fatherly human side of him when Maddie who just found out about Deacon’s illness, called Teddy asking him to pick her up. Deacon ends up telling Teddy that Maddie is upset over his cancer. Teddy then sympathizes with Deacon for once and ends up helping him when he talks to Maddie. I thought this scene was really great in developing Maddie, Deacon, and Teddy’s characters.

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