The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 4/14/15 – The Reunion Part 3

By on April 14, 2015
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NUP_165451_2974The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back tonight for the third part of their explosive reunion. Well, it really hasn’t been very explosive unless you want to call dragging out Kim’s behavior at poker night explosive. That’s basically what this reunion has boiled down to. How many times can we see the Lisa R/Kim car ride to Eileen Davidson’s house? That may have been shown more than Lisa R smashing the wine glass which, personally, I thought was more interesting. I mean Lisa R has been throwing shade from day one. Her reaction to Kim was a little over the top, but let’s talk about Brandi and how she’s the worst thing to happen since sliced bread. Wait. Sliced bread wasn’t a bad thing.

Anyway we’re promised that tonight will have some humor and reflection. Humor? I thought it was pretty funny when Brandi told Lisa R that she’s had the same haircut for 20 years. You mean funnier than that? I also thought it was pretty funny how quiet Lisa V has been except when consoling poor crying Kyle. I thought it was even funnier that Eileen Davidson was there considering she has added nothing to the show. Yeah. I get it. She’s won an Emmy. She’s on two soaps. Ok, I still don’t get it, and I still don’t believe that she did the show because she wanted to get out of her comfort zone. Somehow I think the $$$$$ made it way more comfortable.

Eileen asked Brandi what she brings to the table and Brandi said, “conflict.” She hasn’t done that all on her own and I wish someone would ask Eileen what she brought to the table. I still am loving watching the flashbacks and how none of the women saw Adrienne magically appear at her own party. They were all too busy scratching each other’s eyes out. It wasn’t just one person.

As the reunion wraps up there are burning questions that remain unanswered like will Kyle’s face freeze like that? Will Lisa R get up and dance again? Are the housewives watching the same show I’m watching? Will Andy ask any of them how they all claim to be friends yet nobody seems to have ever been to anyone’s house before. Is that just a Beverly Hills thing?

Those are the questions Andy should be asking but he won’t. My prediction is more talk of Kim’s slip, Brandi’s mouth, Kyle crying, Lisa V saying nothing, and Eileen looking annoyed that she ever joined the show. We’ll see tonight. Tune back later for the recap.

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