The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap 4/7/15 – The Reunion Part 2

By on April 7, 2015
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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills join Andy Cohen tonight for Part 2 of their explosive Reunion. Actually, the Reunion is boring me a bit and I’m wondering if Part 2 will get any better. So far from what I’ve seen, Lisa Rinna stands up and does a really weird dance and I can’t help but wonder if the dance was done to show us how hot her body is. I don’t care what Brandi says about her having the same haircut for 20 years, Lisa Rinna brings it! But yeah, she has sort of had the same haircut, maybe varied it a bit, but if it works….

Poor Yolanda won’t be there. She left suffering the effects of Lyme Disease. She got in a few defenses of Brandi and of the comments Brandi made about her daughter and then she made like the wind which means it is now down to Brandi and Kim against the rest of the RHOB. Does Andy really think he’s strong enough for this? Those housewives want their pound of flesh and it looks like Brandi is going to be the one getting pounded.

Eileen Davidson will get the chance to relive the wine throwing incident and Brandi calling her house creepy. Ok, so I can’t defend Brandi there but Eileen claimed to accept her apology even though we saw throughout the season that she was no fan of Brandi. She claims in the reunion that she based it on Brandi’s confessionals but maybe Eileen should go back and watch her own. Then maybe she should go watch her appearance on Watch What Happens Live and all the shots she took at Brandi. She can hate on Brandi all she wants but then just own it and admit she was never going to get over the wine tossing incident.

Speaking of wine tossing…let’s not forget the wine smashing incident in Amsterdam. It looks like we may not be waiting for Part 3 to see that addressed. Brandi thew wine. Lisa R threw a wine glass. Lisa V and Kyle seem pretty quiet all of a sudden, and wait, so does Eileen. Kyle looks gorgeous. Red is her color but did she only attend the reunion so she can cry a lot and whine, “you’re so mean.” Unless Andy started a new drinking game or she is contractually obligated to say that so many times, she can come up with a little more. Come on, Kyle. Earn your outrageous paycheck.

Kim will be there too, sitting next to her bestie, Brandi which seems to bother Kyle. Brandi breathing seems to bother Kyle. It all happens tonight on Bravo. Check back here for the recap.

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