Royal Baby Watch: Where The Royal Baby Will Call Home

By on April 30, 2015
Anmer Hall

As royal watchers anxiously await the arrival of the next Prince or Princess – who now appears to be possibly a week over due! – let’s take a look at where Prince William and Duchess Kate (nee Kate Middleton) will be taking their newest family member once he or she is born.

In the UK, hospital stays for new mothers are much different than they are in the US. While a new mother in the US might stay in the hospital for a couple of nights, in the UK they’re usually heading home the day after the birth. And in the case of Prince William’s cousin, Zara Phillips, she went home later that same day! So we can expect that, just as with the birth of Prince George, if everything proceeds normally and healthily for Kate and the next royal, they will be heading home from the hospital the following morning.

But where will they be headed?

Anmer Hall

Anmer Hall


Again, just as they did when Prince George was born, William and Kate will be taking their family back to their “apartment” (four stories, three bedroom suites comprised of a bedroom, bathroom, and his and her dressing rooms, plus a night and day nursery and a room for the nanny, guest rooms, five reception rooms, and three kitchens – definitely not your average apartment) at Kensington Palace for a couple of weeks.

When Prince George was born, the family moved from Kensington Palace to Kate’s parents’ home, Bucklebury Manor to get away from the city for a bit. This time around, however, the family will move to their newly refurbished country estate – which is also their main home – Anmer Hall.

Anmer, a 10-bedroom Gregorian mansion on The Queen’s Sandringham estate, has been described as a “secluded fortress,” and recently underwent a $1.5million renovation. The renovation included redirecting the driveway, as well as part of the nearby road, to include more privacy, updating the interiors, and converting some of the out buildings into lodging for the family’s security detail.

Not too shabby! And it makes sense – the massive house is home to two future kings (Prince William and Prince George, of course), a future Queen Consort (Kate, the current Duchess of Cambridge), and soon a new addition who will be the child of a king, and then the sibling of a king.


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