Royal Baby Watch: Royal Delivery and Special Guests

By on April 28, 2015

Royal Baby Watch 2015 continues…..




While there still hasn’t been any official word that The Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton) has checked into the hospital, there has been a ton of commotion outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital this morning/afternoon.

To kick things off Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, and Kate – who have apparently been keeping tabs on the Royal Baby Watch excitement – sent some goodies to loyal royal watchers who have been camped outside of the hospital for the last few days.

A couple of hours later though – something huge happened. Prince William and Duchess Kate’s entire press team (three people) showed up at the Lindo Wing. They are insisting that their arrival means nothing, and they’re just there to chat with the reporters who are waiting anxiously for news… but speculation is mounting that their arrival means that Kate’s is imminent. Some are even speculating that their arrival is being used as a decoy, so that attention is focused on the three of them while William and Kate slip into the hospital via a backdoor.

All of that said – the tension around Royal Baby Watch is mounting. Kate’s due date was originally suspected to be April 25, which has come and gone. Doctors in the UK typically induce labor after 7 days overdue, and while we have no idea what Kate’s actual due date is, she did mention to an admirer that it was in “mid-to-late April.”

Could The Duchess be sneaking into the hospital as I type? Could her press team be acting as a decoy? Only time will tell, but stick with us and we’ll keep you posted!

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