The Royals Recap: The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune 4/19/15

By on April 19, 2015
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The Royals begins with Ophelia, Eleanor, Asher and Liam prepping for the trip on the plane. At the castle, Simon arrives home and he and Helena talk about how good their relationship used to be compared to now. The kids arrive at the mansion.  Eleanor makes the would-be first few seconds of a mock sex tape with Jasper sends it back to Jasper. She leaves, then spots another one of Liam friends, Beck, has arrived too- apparently it’s an old crush. At the castle, Jasper gets the video, then Helena walks in. He needs him for something.  At the castle, Simon has the serving girl, Prudence join him for tea. Liam and Ophelia cuddle up by the pool, only for Gemma to interrupt them. Marcus goes to be all duty with Liam, and the prince counters with temporarily fiting him so he could have fun as well.  Inside the mansion, Eleanor pulls Ophelia into her room to talk about Beck and their history- including admitting she lost her virginity to him. She fixes Ophelia’s hair and gives her a shorter dress, then insists that she’s going to win over Gemma. They all head to a casino. Beck teaches Eleanor a system to win at the card tables. Gemma causes Asher to lose his brand new car as a bet.  Back at the castle, Cyrus reminds Prudence about the task he’s given her.

That night, Beck goes to talk to Eleanor. He gives her a pep talk about life and insures that she’s smarter than she gives herself credit for. He says he wishes he could see her everyday, and she gets offended and leaves to find Liam. The pair reminisce about old times at the mansion. She goes to bed. Liam goes to his room as well, then invites her to his room. They kiss, and it’s a fairly standard fade to black.

Eleanor wakes up to see Beck sitting on the edge of her bed. He’s made her breakfast. He asks her to eat, then come hang out by the pool.  At the pool Asher sees Gemma hanging out with a few people and lays into her about the car. She apparently has a plan to get it back. It involves sexual favors for the cars, but the one who got it refuses- til Liam comes in with a new offer: if he wins at darts, Asher gets the dart back. He agrees.

At the castle, Ophelia’s dad calls Jasper to the office and calls Jasper out on lying about his indemnity, and on top of that, Helena has arranged for him to be transferred after a while. Jasper asks why he hired him if he knew about his past. Ophelia’s dad insists that Jasper isn’t his parents and no one should be judged by their past. At the mansion, Liam wins the dart game, but the better goes back on his word- until Ophelia threatens him with a bow and arrow. The better leaves, and Ophelia accidentally shoots Asher in the leg when she accidentally lets the bowstring go in relief. Marcus is forced to take the arrow out of Asher’s leg in the mansion.

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