The Royals Recap: Unmask Her Beauty to the Moon 4/12/15

By on April 12, 2015



On the last episode, Ophelia and Nick enjoyed a long date and left progressing the relationship up for debate, Eleanor and Jasper continued to struggle to try to even out their power play, and it’s revealed Helena is having an affair with an old boyfriend.

Ophelia gets an invite to the royal ball. Eleanor calls her in to help her decide on a dress. She teases her about the mock love triangle with Ophelia, Nick and Liam, being that both men have now been invited. Elsehwere in the castle, Liam and a friend talk about the same subject matter. His friend invites him to a weekend getaway and pressures him to saying yes. Helena prepares to go to a spa, only for it to turn out that a body double is going. She goes into another room, where James is waiting for her. Later, Liam and Eleanor get high and vent about more mother drama. Liam leaves, and Eleanor leaves for the ball with Jasper. At the ball, Liam spots Ophelia, and when she sees him, she strains to look away- just as Gemma arrives to be on Liam’s arm. Ophelia meets up with Nick and goes to apologize, but she shrugs it off. If she’s using him, he says so be it, but at least let him enjoy the night. Helena makes her grand entrance. Eleanor drags Liam off to avoid all the pomp and circumstance that goes with it. Cyrus meets up with Helena and they both speculate on Liam screwing something up. They go their separate ways. Helena meets with James again. She sneaks off with him.

They go off and take a walk around the grounds. At the party, Nick tells Ophelia a story about tricks with helping himself with self-confidence, and she calls him out on making it seem relatable to her, too. They go dancing while Liam watches them and sulks. Eleanor drags Jasper to the dance floor as well. Meanwhile, James and Helena go into a private cabin for a picnic. Eleanor and Jasper leave to be alone, and Liam waves Ophelia over to introduce Nick. They go off to have a drink, and Gemma and Ophelia trade a few verbal jabs. Eleanor propositions Jasper via commands, and Jasper stops short, insisting he’s the one in charge of things and leaves.

Eleanor chases after Jasper to argue about what they are- she insists he’s the one blackmailing her, and he challenges her to announce it to everyone or else. Eleanor says she will and calls the room’s attention- then backs off at the last minute. Jasper’s beyond pleased. Cyrus takes his turn to address the older crowd and announces the rumors of the monarchy being abolished and calls on the House of Lords to try and counter the abolishment if it comes with that. Cyrus spots the serving girl he blackmailed before and orders her to his room. She goes.  With Liam, Gemma and Nick, Gemma forces Nick to dance with her- to supposedly give Liam his opening to dance with Ophelia. Ophelia comes back from getting a drink, and Liam takes her to the dance floor. They talk about Nick, but it’s strained. He goes on about how he likes Nick, and Ophelia snaps at him, and they fight and Ophelia storms off.  With Helena and James, they muse about her good old days that were the worst financially for her family. She mentions being forced to marry Simon so they could be well off.

Liam’s friend approaches Liam to tell him that the weekend away is cancelled because they got bought out. Liam points out he’s the future king and goes to make a call to put things back on track. One of the Lords approaches Cyrus about his means to get votes, but Cyrus buys him off, too. Liam returns to the party to tell his friend he was successful, then checks in with Eleanor and invites her to the weekend away. He sees that she’s upset and tries to see what’s wrong, but Eleanor says it’s nothing and escapes before something else could be said. Gemma arrives to get Liam to dance with her. He agrees, and Gemma tries to get info out of him. She’s not happy it’s all Pro-Ophelia and points out his life will be a living Hell with his mother and the media if he goes with Ophelia. Liam insists he’ll be happy. The servant girl goes to Cyrus’ room to prepare wine- and  dumps poison into Cyrus’ cup.

James and Helena share a dance as the party starts clearing out. Jasper finds Eleanor and the pair dance alone on the balcony. He says they should be honest- it’s not about the video, it hasn’t been for a while- and then he drops that there is no video- she got blackout drunk and threatened to fire him so he came up with that as an out. She’s furious, but he says that they still have the same arrangement because it’s worked so well and she likes it that way. He tells her to go to her bed and wait for him, and she agrees. Meanwhile, Ophelia and Nick dance, and Nick points out he likes Liam and he’s nice, and Ophelia explodes at him, too. She catches herself mentioning still pining for Liam a moment too soon, and Nick wishes her luck in life before he leaves. Liam finds her and says she looks beautiful. He invites her to the weekend away, then insists that he doesn’t like his world without her in it, then leaves. Helena and James start to say their goodbyes when Lucius arrives to prompt her for her goodbye to all the guests. Cyrus arrives to his room.  Cyrus apparently drinks the poisoned wine, then stops and goes on about wine tasters and a previous king who hired tasters- they called him mad til most of the tasters died. She goes to escape, but he catches her, then offers he’ll stay quiet if she does him a favor: follow Simon on his walks and find out where he goes. She agrees to it.  The next morning, Upstairs, Ophelia starts to pack for her weekend away, but stops, apparently feeling bad. Jasper arrives to Eleanor’s room, only to find that it’s not Eleanor waiting for him. Outside, Eleanor and Liam prepare to go to the weekend away. After a few moments, Ophelia runs out to join them.


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