Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen Suri In A Year!

By on April 7, 2015

If sources from Katie Holmes’s camp are to be believed, it seems like Tom Cruise isn’t exactly a doting father. In fact, it’s apparently been over a year since he’s seen his daughter Suri.

Suri Cruise

Tom and Katie infamously split in 2012 after being married for nearly six years, and there has been speculation that the split the result of Katie wanting to get away from the Church of Scientology. Initially it seemed that Tom and Katie were doing a pretty good job of splitting their time with Suri, but it seems that lately Tom hasn’t spent any time with her. And by “lately” we mean in the last year!

According to TMZ Tom said that he hadn’t been able to see Suri while he was away shooting a film for 5 months, but was desperate to get back to her. His team is also saying that Tom has been seeing Suri regularly, but he is careful to do so away from the cameras in order to maintain her privacy. However Katie’s camp is singing a decidedly different tune, saying that Tom was home for 2 weeks after shooting and still never came to see his only biological child – and that he hadn’t seen her for much longer than 5 months and is simply not a part of her life.

TMZ also checked into rumors that Tom was purposefully avoiding Katie and Suri due to their negative standing within the Church of Scientology. Apparently, the Church says that simply isn’t true.

Interestingly, this whole “not seeing his children” thing seems to be isolated to Suri, as Tom was recently seen out and about with his son Connor, who he adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

Given that their divorce was less than amicable, and that Katie was trying to get away from Scientology, we’re wondering if Katie is actually bothered by the fact that Tom has stayed away, or if it’s a bit of a relief!

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