Video: Anne Hathaway Wrecking Ball on Lip Synch Battle – Complete Performance

By on April 9, 2015
'anne hathaway wrecking ball'
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Anne Hathaway’s complete performance of Wrecking Ball on Lip Synch Battle hasn’t even aired yet and the preview is already viral with more than nine million page views on You Tube. We have the ENTIRE performance of Hathaway singing the Cyrus tune and let’s just say….it is a MUST SEE.

'anne hathaway wrecking ball'

We already knew the Oscar Winning actress has an amazing voice, but Lip Synch Battle doesn’t require the celebrity to even have a voice. They need guts and must be willing to go all out to win their battle. Hathaway competed against Emily Blunt and while we don’t know as of yet (we will know tonight), who won for sure, with Hathaway’s video going viral, we might already know who gave the best performance.

Blunt revealed she tried to find out ahead of time Anne’s song choice, but Hathaway refused to give her any hint, only telling her that the song was from Beethoven’s Fifth. Blunt knew Hathaway was lying because there are no words in that song.

The first part of the sing off included Hathaway kicking off the competition with a Mary J. Blige track, after which Blunt took on the classic, “No Diggity.” Blunt won the first part of the sing off.

It was the second part of the sing off where the ladies got really into their performances.
Anne Hathaway went all out for her performance beginning by ripping her clothes off (she had another set of clothes on underneath). She brought out a wrecking ball and even did the Miley thing and was happy to swing on it, all while giving Emily Blunt the finger. Hathaway definitely showed off a lighter, funnier, more competitive side to herself that we don’t usually see from the actress.

As for the song that Emily Blunt performed? Saying she was portraying a singer who didn’t shower, Blunt came out wearing a fur hat and a fur jacket, playing Janis Joplin and singing, ‘Piece of my Heart.’

Hands down, the second performance went to Anne Hathaway.

Check out the video on the next page and let us know what you think?

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