Video: Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer End Prank War

By on April 27, 2015
' matt lauer and ellen degeneres prank war ends.'
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It’s officially over. Ellen DeGeneres and Matt Lauer’s prank war has ‘allegedly’ ended.

' matt lauer and ellen degeneres prank war ends.'

During the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards, DeGeneres and Lauer announced they were officially ending their famous prank war. DeGeneres began by saying she would no longer alter Lauer’s appearance, only to have the video altered to make it appear as thought Lauer had ripped off his suit and tie to reveal him standing there in only his underwear and pasties.

Matt generously offered to donate $1,000 to charity anytime he was thanked in a speech at the Daytime Emmy Awards, all while dancing in his underwear and pasties. (Lauer was thanked 16 times during the Daytime Emmy Awards – raising $16,000 for charity.)

Ellen DeGeneres is the ultimate prankster, replacing Lauer’s clothes in interviews with 50 Shades of Grey dominatrix type clothing and showing the video clips on her tv show. She also had fans head to the Today Show, where Matt is the co-anchor, to hold signs saying ‘Matt Lauer likes to be tickled.’ Matt retaliated in the prank war by filling Ellen’s car with thousands of ping pong balls.

We have the complete winner’s list for the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards here.

Ellen is the pranking queen and a force to be reckoned with. Another great prankster is Jimmy Kimmel, who also loves a great joke. He has also filled cars with ping pong balls. In turn, Jimmy has been pranked, with the most recent prank having Rihanna come to his home while he was sleeping and jumping on his bed and singing to him.

The ultimate showdown would be between Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Kimmel in a pranking war. Throw George Clooney in there for good measure and you would have a hit television show. Although Ellen has already done something similar to that with her new hit television series, Repeat After Me, where host Wendi McLendon-Covey from the hit comedy series, The Goldbergs, tells celebrities what to say and do, creating awkward situations that are truly hysterical.

Do you believe Ellen and Matt’s prank war is really over?

Check out the video on the next page where you can see Matt Lauer dancing around in his underwear and pasties.

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